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Nutritional Information: (Per Servicing of each tablet contains (approximately) % RDA

Energy 165 Kcal

Total carbohydrates of which sugar 0.053gm 0.00gm

Total protein 0.36gm

Total fat cholesterol 0.00gm

Nutritive amount per serving 

Vitamin-C 40mg

Vitamin-B3 15mg

Vitamin-B5 5mg

Vitamin-B1 15mg

Vitamin-B6 17mg

Vitamin-B2 14mg

Vitamin-B9 0.4mg

Vitamin-H 10000mcg

Vitamin-A 125oiu

Vitamin-E 10oiu

Vitamin-B12 1mcg


Magnesium oxide light 40gm 

Ferrous ascorbate 18gm

Zinc sulfate monohydrate 7.5mg 

Calcium carbonate 5gm

Cupric Sulphate 800mcg

Sodium selenite anhydrous 35mcg

Sodium molybdate 35mcg

Potassium iodide 30mcg

Chromium chloride 50mcg

Manganese sulfate 4mcg 



Calories per gm. Carbohydrate (4), Protein (4), Fat (9).


 % RDA based on ICMR guidelines. 


% RDA not established 


Grape Seed dry extract 50gm 

Citrus bioflavonoids 12.5mg


Black pepper extract 95%


Natural mix of carotenoids 2mg

Saya Isoflavones 50mg 

Bamboo activated charcoal 20mg 

Amino Acids

L- Glutamic acid 6.1mg 

DL- Methionine 40mg

L- Aspartic acid 36.2mg

L- LEUCINE 23.8mg 

L- Arginine HCL 23.5mg 

L- Lysine Hydrochloride 19.6mg

L- Serine 16mg

L- Proline 16mg

L- Phenylalanine 16mg

L- Isoleucine 14.6mg

L- Voline 14mg

L- Glycine 12.8mg

L- Tyrosine 11.9gm

L- Threonine 11.3mg

L- Alanine 11.3mg

Choline Bitartrate 10mg

L- Histidine HCL 7.7mg

L-Cysteine hydrochloride 3.9mg

L- Tryptophan 3.6mg 

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Zy-Biotin is highly beneficial for vitamin-e, vitamin-h, vitamin-b, and other deficiencies. Highly effective for hair growth and promotes skin & nail health. It is a polyherbal Ayurvedic medicine that contains vitamin minerals, natural extracts & amino acids.

General Warning: if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult a healthcare professional before use. 

Recommendation: One tablet in the morning. One tablet in the evening after a healthy meal or as recommended by the health care professional.

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