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Frequently Asked Question

What are food supplements and how does this concept work?

Supplements are concentrated foods in the form of tablets and capsules. Most of the food supplements are made from extracts of plants. It is strictly advised not to take these supplements as a replacement for food. Food supplements suggested by our experts are additional quantity required by the body to repair its damaged organ or to fulfill the deficiency in the body. The fact that our body is composed of the food we eat, so the key ingredient needed to repair it has to be food.

Are food supplements able to cure terminal diseases?

Yes, food supplements can produce results and cure even terminal diseases but it solely depends upon the extent of damage to the organ and body’s natural ability to repair itself. We believe that each body is different from the other, accordingly the reversal and recovery from such diseases depend on the patient.

Can supplements be taken along with allopathy or other medicines?

Yes, food supplements can be taken with allopathy as well as with any other medicines except in cases belonging to neurological disorders, where an expert opinion must be sought. Our products have no harmful reactions when given with other medicines.

Can food supplements be given to children?

Yes, based on the recommendation of our experts’ food supplements can be given to children.

Do I have to take food supplements life long?

For patients suffering from certain types of disorders, usage of a few supplements is highly recommended. These food supplements provide ample support for a healthy lifespan.

Can a healthy person take these food supplements?

Yes, of course. Food supplements can be consumed by a healthy person who is looking for health benefits in their daily life. However, it is important to remember that these supplements are not to be taken as a meal replacement.

How can I consume food supplements?

Food supplements are to be taken orally along with the meals. The tablet form of supplements can be crushed and mixed with 50-100 ml of water or can be mixed along with the food.

Are there any products for everyday lifestyle benefit?

Yes, most of the food supplements produced by Zyropathy have established health benefits for daily use. These are fortified with nutrients essential in helping the body for everyday maintenance and growth. Packed with the best that nature has to offer, our products provide a worldliness of good health.

How can I buy Zyropathy products and where?

Products by Zyropathy are available from our centers, can be purchased online on this website, and are also available on Amazon

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What is Zyropathy?

Zyropathy is a new era healing system. The word ‘ZYRO’ stands for helping humanity. Zyropathy envisions to provide natural health care solutions, which are tailor-made for the disease or disorder one is suffering from.

How is Zyropathy different from other medical systems?

At Zyropathy we provide a non-invasive and painless form of natural treatment, based on the principles of nature along with nutrition. Unlike the existing medical system, we offer natural treatments to various prominent health issues. The treatment commences, by examining the reports and carrying out a deep root analysis to find the root cause of your health conditions. This is followed by determining the course of specialized supplementation (and lifestyle changes) one has to undergo for complete recovery. The course of supplements prescribed by our experts varies from patient to patient and case to case.

Can chronic diseases be cured by Zyropathy?

Zyropathy eliminates the root cause of the ailment. It is sometimes suggested that a condition of a certain type cannot be reversed or treatment could help, but the condition can’t be cured. Our sophisticated and refined way of treatment has successfully time and again provided relief in conditions that are considered incurable. By using natural combinations of food supplements and Zyro Naturals we can reassure the road to recovery, however, the results vary from case to case.

What are the alternatives to surgery?

Zyropathy believes that the human body can maintain itself and take care of its repairs internally. Surgery can be avoided if the natural healing system of the human body is fully functional and can perform the necessary functions needed for its recovery. Yet, in certain cases where the human body is weak or the internal ability of the body to heal itself has deteriorated, then Zyropathy recommends surgery.

Have patients suffered from any side effects in Zyropathy?

No, the line of treatment at Zyropathy has not reported any side effects. Since its inception, Zyropathy has successfully empowered the health of 75,000 patients globally. Supplements availed here contain food in the form of natural tablets and capsules, with no added chemicals.

Are there any risks involved in treatment from Zyropathy?

No recorded risks are involved in the natural treatment provided by Zyropathy. Zyro Naturals and food supplements are chemical-free and natural, containing essential minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and a blend of herbs, plants, and vegetables possessing medicinal properties. The possibility of any threat or harm to the body is the least possible.

Does Zyropathy offer emergency care? OR admit patients in the centre?

Our treatment can be availed by people worldwide. Emergency care or admission of patients is not available in Zyropathy.

Does Zyropathy prescribe any vaccinations or medications?

Zyropathy does not prescribe any vaccinations or medications. However, depending on the type of case and the condition the patient is suffering from, we suggest them to take a particular pain killer or medication for a certain period with its side effects being eliminated through Zyro Naturals.

How can I book a consultancy?

To book consultancy, you can fill the form on our website and reach out to our numbers with your concern.

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What are the requirements before the visit?

The prospective patient should bring along all case related documents and reports before visiting our centres.

What are the different modes of consultancy offered by Zyropathy?

Zyropathy offers a wide range of options for consultancy.

  • Personal Visit
  • Telephonic Consultancy  (provide numbers and links)
  • WhatsApp Consultancy
  • Skype Video Conferencing

Does Zyropathy provide consultancy outside India?

Zyropathy provides consultancy worldwide. To date, we have impacted lives across 17 countries.

How does Zyropathy provide its supplements outside India?

Supplements from Zyropathy are dispatched through courier depending on the chosen delivery option.

Is it necessary for the patient to visit the clinic?

Not practically. A next to kin or person who is well aware of the case history and has all the relevant reports can schedule a visit or take consultancy for the illness. However, cases where the patient is healthy enough to travel should visit us in person.

How can I prevent diseases or disorders from happening again?

Taking preventive steps in the form of:

  • A healthy and well-balanced diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Living a stress-free life is one of the essentials.

To stay healthy, the correct diet measures should be followed. Based on your conditions certain food intake must be minimized or avoided completely. In today’s world and age where the changes in lifestyle, excessive pollution, adulteration in food, adulteration in water, and erratic eating habits have influenced our daily life and compromised our immunity system. Zyropathy has come up with a unique solution for staying healthy and prevent the risk of disease or disorders from altering our lives.

Our product, PREVENTIKA has been formulated with a blend of 8 herbs proven to have qualities, which prevent the onset of any diseases and disorders and protect the body from falling ill during the harsh seasonal changes.

How much water should one intake for consuming supplements?

For those who are concerned with their water intake, it is suggested that the prescribed supplements should be taken with only 50-100 ml of water only. Based on the recommendation, supplements can be consumed before, during or after meals.

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