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Benefits: –

  • Green Tea has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and immunomodulation properties. However the effect of EGCG (Epigallo eatechin gallate on vitiligo are not known, we assessed the role of EGCG in vitiligo induced by monabenzone in mice.

  • Harad (Terminolia chefula) is another commonly used ayurvedic medicine for vitiligo. It removes the free radicals that cause damage to the melanocytes and acts as an anti-oxidant. Patients suffering from vitiligo can also face depression and anxiety that can also be preventing by haritoki. Thus, to use haritoki is highly recommended in the severe cases of vitiligo.
  • Giloe (Tinospora cardiflia) is the best treatment for not merely vitiligo but also for many small and big health issues. It prevents the destructions of the melanocytes by the immune cells, which help to minimize the symptoms of vitiligo.
  • Khodira (Acacia catechu) is the best remedy to cure the disease. It is the initial stage of the disease. This herb has the potential to reduce the white patches present on the skin and help to cure. It as soon as possible if using it on a regular basis.
  • Sivtraghni Ammi Majus plant in the treatment of vitiligo, a powder was prepared form this plant and ingested with simultaneous exposure of the affected skin to sunlight. It is also used to treat psoriasis, inflammation, mycosis, fungoides, atopic eczema, pityriasis licheneides, and urticarial pigmentosa.
  • Bakuchi helps control vitiligo spot due to its kusthagna and rasayana properties as it helps in shrinking the white patches, consuming bakuchi powder along with honey prevents the destruction of pigment forming cells due to its immunomodulatory activity.
  • Neem is the best when it comes to treating skin problems it helps to restore skin pigmentation and also works as a good blood purifier and immune booster. It also works white patches.
  • Gandhak (Sulfur) to have antibacterial effects against the bacteria that cause acne, it also might help promote the loosening and shedding of skin. This is believed to help treat skin conditions such as seforrheic dermatitis or acne. It also reduces vitiligo.
  • Cucumber-Detoxifies body, keeps brain healthy, relieves constipation, lowers the risk of cancer, keeps body cool and hydrated, keeps kidneys healthy, freshens your tract natural remedy for intestinal worms and also skin infection.
  • Monjishta (Rubia cordifolia) is known for strong medicinal properties and can cure disease like eczema, vitiligo, psoriasis and many more skin diseases. It has the healing power that can repair any damaged tissue of our body. It removes the toxins from our body and balance the excess of pitta dosha, therapy healing the disease internally.
  • Amla (Indian Goose berry) is treat anti-ageing properties, treat acne, good skin tone, treats skin pigmentation, removes dead skin cells, natural hair straightener, prevents premature greying, and prevents dandruff.
  • Shashilekha Voti is Prepeard Medicine. It Was Better For Vitiligo. 

  Dosage: –  1-2 Tablets Twice A Day. With Luke Warm Water or as Directed By the Medical Supervision 

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Leukoderma or vitiligo is an auto immune disorder of the skin, in this disease, the immune system of the body starts attacking the healthy cells, some of the symptoms of vitiligo disease include usually pale and white spots, patchy areas on the skin etc.

Viclean with the help of Natural Ingredients has a perfect cure for this disease without any side effects.

Composition each tab contain: –

Ingredients Latin Name Quantity Part Use
Amla (Effervescent) Dry Extraet with vitamin –C 5% Phyllanthus Embliea   20mg fruit
Ammi majus Ext  Queen Anne’s Lace  50mg Seed
Badi Haritaki  Terminalia  chebula  20mg  Fruit
Bakuchi (Dry Extract Psoraien 5% Psoralea Corylifolia  125mg Seed
Gandhak Shudha Sulphar  25mg Sulfer
Giloy (Dry  Extract Bitter ) 5% Tinospora Cordifolia  20mg  Steem
Green Tea Extract 5%  (Green Tea )  25mg Leaf
Kheera (Dry Extrect ) Cucumis Sativus  40mg Seed
Manjistha (Dry Extract Manjistha 4% Rubia Cordifolia  20mg  Root
Shashilekha Vati  Prepeard Madicine   25mg  P.Medicine
Neem (Dry Exteact Bitter) 6% Azadirachta Indica  40mg Leaf 
Khadir (Dry Exteact Tannins )10%  Acacia Catechu  40mg  Bark 



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