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Lymph Nodes

Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes are junctions where the lymphatic vessels of the body cross each other. These are an integral part of the human immune system. Immune cells reside in these nodes and their job is to attack any virus, bacteria or other foreign pathogens which invade the body to multiply and cause diseases. These nodes are bean-shaped and are termed as secondary lymphoid glands. The primary glands are thymus, spleen, tonsils and bone marrow. These nodes are more like checkpoints throughout the body, while the immune cells in it stay prepared to bust any malignant pathogen that’s dangerous for the body.

The size of these bean-shaped nodes varies from a few millimetres to about 2 centimetres in width. Lymph nodes are examined in a person suspected to have cancer, as this is where the cancerous cells may get entrapped, to be stopped from causing further damage. These nodes have the remarkable ability to help the immune cells in developing an effective antibody against pathogens.


Lymph nodes may be one of the centres of fighting infections, but they too sometimes get overpowered by malignant pathogens, as sometimes they take a bit longer to produce antibodies against them. Some of the common diseases affecting the lymph nodes are Strep throat, ear infections, Lymphoma and Cellulites.  An overview of these infections is as follows:

Strep Throat: We all have experienced this infection at some point in life, be it childhood or adulthood. The most tell-tale symptom of this is a sore throat and pain in swallowing food. Other symptoms include fever, body ache, red and swollen tonsils. It’s caused by a bacteria called ‘streptococcus’, which is highly contagious and spreads through droplets in the air. The complications arising from it, if left untreated, are rheumatic fever and inflammation of the kidney.

Ear Infections: This happens when a bacteria or virus infects the middle ear. This infection is accompanied with pain because of the inflammation and filling up of fluid in the cavity of the ear. It can be chronic or acute. The latter may get healed soon while the former lasts longer and may relapse again. The eustachian tube inside the ear gets swollen and there can be pus-like discharge.

Lymphoma: The exact causes of lymphoma or lymphatic cancer are unknown yet. This happens when the lymph cells become cancerous and continue multiplying without dying.   Lymphoma is categorised into two categories namely Hodgkin Lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, the latter being much more common than the former.

Cellulitis: It’s a common bacterial inflammation which is most painful. The affected area gets swollen, red and warm when one touches it. Mostly, it affects the lower legs when one gets a wound. The infection is triggered by a bacteria which enters the body through cuts in the skin, sometimes even through surgical wounds or bug bites.

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