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Headache is one of the most common ailments that is found in people around the globe. Symptoms are tell-tale as discomfort and pain in the head and neck. It can be minor in nature but it’s severity can grow overtime, enough to disrupt a person’s daily activities and focus on work. Severe headaches should never be ignored as these can be indications of an underlying ailment of the brain, nervous system or some other medical condition. There are primary as well as secondary causes of headaches.

Primary causes are rather low-risk as these are not connected to any other underlying disease in the body, and are rather due to the internal processes of the brain. Examples of such headaches are migraine, cluster headaches and tension headaches. Secondary causes are more of an indication of underlying disorders or side-effects. These headaches can be an aftermath of a brain tumour, prolonged intake of pain medications, inflammation in the brain’s lining or a trauma. In order to diagnose the cause of headache, a physician would have to run a series of physical examinations and go through the history of the patient’s previous medications.


Headaches can restrict a person from living a normal life and make a person prone to irritation and lead to a lack of focus. Also there’s a looming threat of underlying diseases which cannot be detected without a detailed diagnosis, and timely treatment is of utmost importance to save oneself from adverse effects in the future. The 3 of the most severe types of headaches, namely are migraines, vascular headaches and headaches due to nerve compression. An overview of these ailments are as follows:

Migraines : Migraines are one of the most commonly affecting forms of headache that mostly affect women among adults and boys among adolescents. These can last from several hours to even several days, crippling one’s abilities to go about normally in one’s daily life. There are a number of causes like hormonal changes, immense stress, physical overexertion, certain food items, medications like sleeping pills or contraceptive pills, triggers in the environment like flickering screens or loud noises or in some cases, sunlight or bright light,and even inflammation of the brain cells. Nausea is another symptom that is a characteristic of Migraine. At Zyropathy, we offer supplements that reduce the inflammation of cells and enhance the functional ability of the cells, which permanently resolves migraine.

Vascular Headaches: Vascular headaches can include cluster headaches as well as headaches which are an aftermath of an underlying illness, specially those relating to the brain or the nervous system. Meningitis is one such inflammation of the protective lining of the brain due to infection caused by a virus or bacteria. Also brain tumours can cause a severe headache because the tumour occupies extra space and additional pressure is exerted on the scull and other brain cells. This may not be accompanied with nausea but the pain may persist. Zyropathy uses a combination of supplements which reduce and normalise inflammation and also reduce the size of the tumours in the brain.

Headaches due to Nerve Compression: This happens mainly because of the nerve compression in the cervical region. This condition is more prevalent in men aged above the age of 50 years and teaching professionals. In common language, this is called a “pinched nerve” and it can also be asymptomatic. If symptoms are visible, they would include a pain originating from the neck and radiating forward to the forehead, muscle spasms, pain when moving the neck and same-sided shoulder as well as arm pain. The root cause is a degenerative disc in the cervical region i.e. upper spine below the skull. This type of headache is also associated with spinal arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Zyropathy repairs degenerated discs which in turn reduce nerve impingement and provide complete relief.

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