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Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure in not a disease but only symptom. High Blood Pressure also known as Hypertension occurs when the pressure in your blood vessels reaches beyond safe levels. Our blood pressure readings depict how much blood is passing through your blood vessels every second and the amount of resistance it is encountering while the heart pumps it throughout the body. Narrowing of arteries due to deposition of plaque can increase the resistance faced by flowing blood.  If this condition persists for a longer period, then this can give rise to several health issues including heart disease. Hypertension doesn’t develop in a short span of time, but develops gradually over the years. In the initial stages there are not many noticeable symptoms, but with time this disorder can cause harm to one’s blood vessels, brain, heart, eyes and kidneys. Early detection is hence important to minimise or delay the damage. A physician would record your BP and see if there are any abnormal spikes or dips. If any such anomaly occurs, then he/she will have to monitor your readings over a couple of weeks to diagnose the reason behind.


The symptoms of high blood pressure do not become evident until it causes some issue. Symptoms range from headaches, uneasiness, shortness of breath, chest-pain to blood in urine, numbness in hands and legs, facial paralysis, paralysis due to brain haemorrhage. Before things get out of control, it is advisable to start visiting a physician for regular blood pressure readings. According to Zyropathy, the disorders in organs which are more involved with blood i.e.- brain, heart, kidney, lungs and blood vessels comprises the root cause of blood pressure. In Zyropathy thorough analysis is done to find out the organ responsible for it. Primary diagnosis is done through discussions with the patient about his past mental and physical health conditions and if required certain tests are also recommended to either confirm or eliminate in case of unclear diagnosis. Once the root cause is diagnosed the combination of supplements is recommended. As the disorders in the organ/organs improve BP progressively reverses to normal range. As the BP improves medicines are tapered down under monitoring. Once the condition is fully resolved then supplements are withdrawn and only maintenance/supportive dosage is recommended to avoid relapse to similar condition. However, any medical practitioners straightaway prescribe medicines, which controls only meter reading and does not resolve the root cause of Blood Pressure. Therefore, a BP patient has to continue medicine lifelong which also damages another organ due to side effect.

A serious finding about increasing Kidney ailment is misdiagnosis in the initial stage and introduction of BP medication without evaluating kidney. In most of the kidney cases, patients have reported High Blood Pressure initially. As a normal practice as soon as High BP is detected, doctors advice BP medicines and endeavour to control Blood Pressure. It is only once the BP is not under control with all possible medicines, doctors conduct tests to find that Kidney is damaged. The patient is then misinformed that High BP has damaged Kidney. High BP was a symptom of kidney getting damaged, but since no investigation is done to find the root cause of BP, kidney continued to get damaged. There cannot be heat without fire. Since, there is no medicine to recover, patient is advised more and more BP medicines. Thereafter, to accelerate kidney damage, patient is advised to stop Protein, reduce water intake and put on dialysis, so that the patient is soon ready for kidney transplant.
Similarly, body gives indication by increasing or decreasing BP of other organs under distress but the trend of advising symptom control BP medication without proper investigation is resulting into unrecoverable damage to the organ/organs.

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