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Coenzyme Q-10 (Co Q-10) is a key antioxidant that has a big job of supporting you as you age gracefully. It plays numerous roles within the body such as supporting energy production and fighting off cell-damaging free radicals which is what makes it an important compound in your body. Oxidation is a normal process both in nature and in the human body. However, as we age and are exposed to certain environmental factors, the oxidation process can overwhelm the body’s ability to cope with it. Oxidation can lead to the formation of excess free radicals, and unstable molecules that can cause cell damage.

Ingredients: Shonkh Bhasma: 3.23% elachi: 3.23%

Indication: Beneficial For Statin Drug Users, Vital For Energy Production, Boosts Reproductive Capacity, Aids In Recovery


 SUPERIOR ABSORPTION: Easy to absorb, with the addition of Piperine, ALA, L-Cartinite, Selenium, and Zinc for increased bioavailability, it is designed to help you achieve optimal levels quicker aiding the experience of potential health benefits. It supplies antioxidant support to the heart, powers the body with energy production, and protects heart vitality.

 BENEFICIAL FOR STATIN DRUG USERS: Usage of statin medications causes blockage of the pathway where CoQ is produced, depleting the body’s levels. With the natural decline in age, more stress and cholesterol-lowering statin drug therapy CoQ levels in the heart and body may decrease. CoQ10 if taken along with statin drugs can help replenish levels back to normal.

 VITAL FOR ENERGY PRODUCTION: CoQ10 is a naturally occurring nutrient-like play enzyme that plays an important role in producing the energy needed by our cells and provides antioxidant protection to cells. Its properties may enhance vitality across various body systems, supporting brain health, immune performance, oral health, skin health, exercise capacity, and muscle recovery.

 BOOSTS REPRODUCTIVE CAPACITY: As you age, CoQ production naturally slows down, and the body is more susceptible to oxidative damage. It helps or may even reverse age-related decline in egg quality, and quantity and boost sperm count, quality and concentration by increasing antioxidant protection.

 AIDS IN RECOVERY: CoQ10 along with added nutrients helps recovery in people who’ve had heart valve surgery bypasses or suffer from muscle weakness and fatigue. Additionally, it helps improve insulin sensitivity and regulate blood sugar levels by fixing abnormal mitochondrial function in cells. Its antioxidant effects help in the prevention of cancer by promoting cellular energy production, promoting their health and survival.

Direction for Use: Take 1 tablet daily or as directed by Health professional

Effect: No Side Effects

General Warning: If you are pregnant or nursing, then consult an expert or physician before use. Keep out of the reach of children

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