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Dentalin Oil

VI Cleanoil-3004-1-1-1

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Benefit :-

  • Thymol the thymol oil is effective at reducing inflammation and infection. According to recent research, thymols anti- inflammatory and antibacterial properties make it beneficial for oral health. The compound is an ingredient’s in several dental products, Including Listerine cool mint mouth wash. As a natural dis infect an ant, Thymol is an established healing agent in septic, fungal and bacterial disorders, As Such the terpene is a key Component in oral heal cure product Such as toothpaste and mouthwash.
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Rapid Relief Pain
Mouth Cancer Treatment

Composition :-
Each 10 ml Contain –


Ingredients Latin Name Quantity
Piper Mint Oil Hentha Piperita  2.5%
Pepermint Menthal Mentha Species  2.5%
Thaimol Thymus Vulgaris  5%
Karpur (Camphora) Cinnamomum Comphora  5%
Castor oil Ricinus Communis L  20%
Clove oil Syzygim Aromaticum  5%
Dalcini oil Cinnaraon  5%
Nilagiri oil Eueolyptus glogulas  5%
Tri Shoti prosarini oil Prepear medicine  5%
Haldi Oil Curcuma longa  4%



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