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After intercourse, the reproductive cycle in a woman’s body ensues. The ovaries release the egg and if it gets fertilized by the sperm which has entered through the cervix. The egg starts developing into an embryo, which is the baby in its initial stages of formation. This successful fertilisation is called pregnancy. A complete cycle of pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks. Once a woman’s body starts showing signs of pregnancy, is it mandatory to reach out for early diagnosis and prenatal care, as these steps are essential in giving birth to a healthy offspring. Pregnancy brings a lot of change in a woman’s lifestyle while her body also undergoes various changes. Some of these noticeable changes are:

The list of ailments that come under Pregnancy are:

  • A missed menstrual cycle.
    Headaches due to a change in the hormone levels and an increase in the volume of blood in the body.
    A significant gain in weight of about a few kilos.
    Vomiting or morning sickness is also seen as one of the obvious signs of pregnancy
    Swelling up of the breasts, enlargement of nipples and the darkening of the areola.
    Cramps in the abdomen and pelvic region due to the gradual enlargement of the uterus.
    Pregnancies can be prevented if the woman or her partner is not ready to take up the responsibilities of raising a newborn individual. This can be done through intrauterine devices, male or female condoms and contraceptive pills.
    Ectopic pregnancy


During the 40 weeks of pregnancy, a woman needs constant care and a diet rich in calories to maintain good nourishment of her body as well the little member developing inside her. But, there is also an increased risk of her developing diseases and health complications. Some ailments affecting pregnant women are Urinary tract infections, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and preterm labour. An overview of these ailments are as follows:

Urinary tract infections: It’s a common health complication experienced by pregnant women. The bacteria triggering this infection get into a woman’s urethra and moves up into her bladder. The constantly expanding uterus exerts pressure on the bladder and consequently traps it inside the bladder, which results in the multiplication of their number to cause an infection. This results in symptoms like fever, frequent urination combined with pain and blood in the urine.

Gestational Diabetes: Many pregnant women develop high levels of blood sugar. This triggers the onset of gestational diabetes, mostly between the 24th to 28th week of pregnancy. This doesn’t guarantee that the condition will persist after pregnancy but it does increase a woman’s chances of developing diabetes in the future. Although the exact causes of this are not clear because the body becomes resistant to insulin due to certain hormones, it develops favourable conditions for the onset of this ailment. Gestational diabetes automatically clears off after 6 to 8 months of delivery. It is advised that medicines should be avoided and diabetes control may be sought only through restrictions and physical exercise. It has been observed that in most of the cases where pregnant women continued diabetes medication after pregnancy diabetes became permanent.

Preeclampsia: Preeclampsia results in high blood pressure, presence of protein in the urine and complications in the kidney or liver. It mostly occurs in the 20th week of pregnancy but in some cases, it can occur after delivery too. In most of cases, this condition automatically reverts after delivery. It is advisable that natural home remedies or Ayurvedic medication may be used instead of modern medicine. Because the use of modern medicine will make the condition permanent which will require life long medication.

Preterm labour: This disorder results in the opening of the cervix during pregnancy after the 20th week or before the 37th week. This consequently causes premature birth of the baby. Certain risk factors associated with preterm labour are pregnancy with multiple babies, infections of lower genital tracts, diabetes, immense stress and drug abuse.
It is advisable that bumpy rides and strenuous activities be avoided until completion of the second month of pregnancy. Proper rest is necessary for proper embedding of the foetus in the uterine wall. Improper embedding may cause forced abortion due to occurrence of periods.

In most of the cases, pregnancy is accidental as a result of intercourse. Normally we plan everything but pregnancy which is the most important activity of one’s life is unplanned. It is therefore advised that proper planning and preparation of pregnancy is a must for producing a healthy offspring which will inherit all your achievements in future. Zyropathy has developed proper protocols from pre-pregnancy to post-pregnancy. Many have benefitted from this program and produced healthy children who were physically & mentally stronger than the one’s produced accidentally.

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