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Over 50% of the body’s weight is made up of the muscular tissues. They are immensely important for us to stay alive, sustain a livelihood and go about our daily lives. The ensemble of these muscles sums up to 600 in number. They are classified into three categories, namely skeletal, smooth and cardiac. While skeletal muscles act at our will, i.e., are voluntary, the smooth and cardiac muscles act involuntarily. The latter is not made of long strips of tissue but is rather uniform and ‘smooth’ in nature. The walls of the digestive system, bladder, blood vessels and uterus are made of these muscles, which relax and contract to complete their functions.

To put forward in detail, the following are the roles that all the 3 types of muscles play in our body:

  • Mobility: We can move, walk and run because of our skeletal muscles, which are attached to the bones by tendons.
    Circulation: The involuntary cardiac muscles are responsible for making one’s heart pump blood to be supplied to the rest of the body. The blood vessels branching out from the heart are also made of smooth muscles.
    Respiration: The diaphragm is the muscle which assists in breathing slowly. Heavy breathing requires additional help from other muscles from the neck, back and abdomen.
    Digestion: The parts of the digestive tract which digest the food, contract and relax slowly to let the ingested food travel to the stomach, then intestines and finally out of the body.
    Urination: Smooth, as well as skeletal muscles, make up the urinary system. Their contraction can cause the release of urine, while relaxation holds it back.
    Childbirth: The uterus is made up of smooth muscles, which expand as the baby grows. It contracts and relaxes during childbirth to push the baby out of the vagina.
    Vision: The muscles in the eye socket are made up of skeletal muscles, while the muscles inside the eyeball are smooth. Both work in coordination to help one see.
    Stability: The abdominal, back and pelvic muscles form the core muscles of our body, which help us in maintaining stability during movement and also protect our spine.
    Posture: Well-built skeletal muscles help us in maintaining the proper posture and avoiding joint pains.

As our muscles work tirelessly to meet the requirements and necessities of the body, even it is prone to injuries, inflammations and diseases. Some of the common diseases of the muscles are Myositis, Muscular Dystrophy, Myasthenia Gravis and Lou Gehrig’s disease. An overview of these diseases is as follows:

Myositis:  Myositis includes all such ailments which cause the swelling and inflammation of the muscles. Symptoms experienced by the patient are weakness in the affected area, swelling and pain. The causes branch out to many possibilities like inflammatory conditions like polymyositis, bacterial or viral infections like flu, drugs like cocaine and injuries like the wrong posture during a workout.

Muscular Dystrophy: This refers to a group of diseases which lead to weakness in the muscles and loss of muscle mass. Experts say that this is a genetic disorder and is inherited by one’s family members who have the defective genes which cause dystrophy. These abnormal genes hinder the synthesis of vital proteins which are necessary for healthy muscle growth.

Myasthenia Gravis: This is a neurotransmission disorder, which means that the communication between the nerves gets blocked, resulting in trouble in movement and weakness of the muscles. A person suffering from these experiences chronic fatigue, difficulty in breathing or even facial paralysis.

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