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The mouth is otherwise known as the buccal cavity. It helps us mainly with two functions that are, eating and speaking. The mouth has the following parts:

The list of ailments that come under Mouth are:

  • Lips
    Vestibule (the soft underside of the lips and the cheeks)
    Mouth Cavity
    Hard palate (the part above the tongue, or more easily put, the roof of the mouth)
    Soft palate (the soft part below the tongue)
    Salivary glands
    Dry mouth

The digestive tract starts from the mouth. The teeth, salivary glands and tongue work in unison to break the ingested food into smaller particles. These pieces are made moist with the help of saliva with the enzyme amylase assisting in breaking down carbohydrates into sugar. The tongue pushes this moist mixture backwards down the throat.

The vocal cords vibrate, which produces sound. The quality of the sound produced depends on the tightness of these vocal cords and the force with which the air is expelled out of the mouth. The systematic movement of the lips and tongue modify the sound following what we wish to communicate. The hard and soft palates as well as the tongue help in modifying the sound into what we call words and their pronunciations.


The mouth is also the place where several bacteria are in contact with food and water that exists in the external environment. Sometimes the harmful viruses and bacteria can enter the body and cause severe infections which could be fatal. Beside this toxic food, liquid and air also have a passage through the mouth. The common ailments are cold sores, mouth ulcer, mouth cancer and gingivitis. An overview of these diseases are :

Cold Sores: These are small sores or blisters that can emerge on the lips, chin, cheeks, inside the nostrils, and sometimes on the upper palate of the mouth. They are painful and cause a burning sensation and eventually burst and harden. It’s caused by the herpes simplex virus, which makes it highly contagious and can be caught by close contact. Many people infected with it can stay unaware as the virus remains dormant before it causes the lesions.

Mouth Ulcer: Mouth ulcers are otherwise known as canker sores are small painful sores that develop at the base of the gums. It causes discomfort while eating, talking and drinking. Acute ones get healed in a week or so but some chronic cases result in bigger lesions that don’t subside. There can be various causes behind it like minor mouth injury, sensitivity towards acidic food, lack of vitamins like B-12 or infections caused by pathogens. Most of the time upset stomach is the cause of mouth ulcer.
Mouth Cancer: Any cancer occurring in the oral cavity can be categorised within this. Various forms of head and neck cancer can also be clubbed into this category. Visible symptoms include sores in the mouth which don’t heal, white or reddish patches inside the mouth and a tumour inside the mouth. People addicted to tobacco consumption are the most at risk.

Gingivitis: Inflammation of the gums is the easiest summary of this disease. Accumulation of plaque and bacteria in the mouth triggers this. If left untreated it can lead to damages in the gums and may lead to loss of teeth. People practising poor dental hygiene are the most at risk.

Zyropathy suggests a combination of food supplements which help in eliminating these ailments related to the mouth. Proper oral hygiene, hygienic and healthy food habits, proper digestion, disuse of tobacco and other toxic materials can help in maintaining a healthy mouth.

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