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The kidneys are responsible for all the fluids present in the human body. They are a pair of bean-shaped organs containing about 1 million nephrons. Located on either side of the spine in the abdominal cavity, they are about 4 inches in length. The kidneys consist of a pair of renal arteries through which they receive blood and renal veins that help in pumping the blood out. They are also attached to a ureter that carries the excreted fluids to the urinary bladder. 

The list of ailments that come under Kidney are:

  • Acute kidney failure
    Chronic kidney disease
    Chronic kidney failure (See: Chronic kidney disease)
    Chronic renal failure (See: Chronic kidney disease)
    Cyst, kidney (See: Kidney cysts)
    Diabetic nephropathy
    End stage renal disease (See: End-stage renal disease)
    Kidney disease, chronic (See: Chronic kidney disease)
    Kidney failure, acute (See: Acute kidney failure)
    Kidney failure, chronic (See: Chronic kidney disease)
    Kidney infection
    Kidney stones
    Nephrotic syndrome
    Neuroendocrine tumors
    PKD (See: Polycystic kidney disease)
    Polycystic kidney disease
    Renal failure, acute (See: Acute kidney failure)
    Stones, kidney (See: Kidney stones)

Zyropathy’s Hypothesis

The kidney is the master chemist in the body. Besides cleaning and filtering the blood, it also eliminates potentially harmful wastes, initiates production of Red Blood Cells, monitors sodium, potassium, chloride and all other substances because even a minute change could be lethal. It also controls the water balance, the acidity & the alkalinity within the body. The kidneys filter the body’s blood twice in one hour. The following could be the possible reasons for kidney failure –

(1) Prolonged use of any medicine especially -painkillers, blood thinners, antibiotics, laxatives, the dye used in MRIs, BP medicines, etc.
(2) Prolonged usage of alcohol, illegal drugs and toxic material
(3) Cystic formation in kidneys
(4) Stone formation in kidneys
(5) Urine blockage
(6) Fertilizers and chemicals used in crops, vegetables and fruits.
(7) Contaminated water
(8) Diabetes
(9) Heavy metals
(10) Weight fluctuation

The symptoms of kidney failure include –Swelling in the foot & ankles, swelling in the face, pain and uneasiness in the mid-spine region, high Blood Pressure, vomiting, giddiness, loss of appetite, drowsiness or feeling tired, breathlessness, itching, joint pain, chest pain or pressure, muscle twitching, stomach and back pain, fever, nosebleed, rashes, seizure and Coma.

As soon as any of the above symptoms start affecting an individual’s life, the procedural action of going to a doctor and the clinical tests start. The disturbed kidney parameters and structural deformity, if any, gets detected, the normal practice is to advise- reduction in water to the barest minimum, stoppage of protein and starting dialysis. Besides, the patient and caretakers are advised to arrange a kidney donor and prepare for a kidney transplant as soon as possible. Less water consumption is suggested to reduce swelling in the body but less water consumption causes thickening of the blood, which increases further strain on kidneys. Urine formation reduces/stops and the ureters shrink blocking the passage for urine flow from the kidney to the urinary bladder. Similarly, stoppage of protein is suggested to show that less protein is leaking through urine. The deficiency of protein hampers cell repair, which in turn adversely affects kidney repair/recovery. By putting a kidney patient on enhanced routine dialysis, the kidneys are deprived of any work and with time kidneys stop functioning completely.
Most of the time medicines given to a kidney patient are a tablet of Soda Bi-Carbonate, BP tablets, diuretic, folic acid and antacid. The above medications only cater to the symptoms and have no functional effect to repair the kidney. Therefore, a kidney patient may recover due to the inner healing ability but never recovers because of the medicines.

Kidney transplant appears to be very sought after solution after facing severe harassment of dialysis. The caretakers and the kidney patient are never explained about the procedure and its future possibilities and success rate. The new kidney may be rejected. Rejection is a normal reaction of the body to a foreign object or tissue. When a new kidney is transplanted into a recipient’s body, the immune system reacts to what it thinks as a threat and attacks the new organ. For a transplanted organ to survive, continuous medicines are given to trick the immune system into accepting the transplant and not attacking it as a foreign object. Before any organ transplant, the immunity of the body is reduced to zero by using immunosuppressants. As the immunity is lowered there are possibilities of catching any infection, which may become fatal. The known biological parameters are matched with the donor but nature and immunity cannot be matched. Thus, organ transplant is a game of cheating or tricking the immunity and it can fail if the trick has not worked. A kidney failure patient has a higher survival rate if he or she decides to continue dialysis on need basis and provide the right support to the body to maintain other biological parameters.

Zyropathy recommends moderation in water intake, provides protein and advises dialysis/symptom control medications on a need basis only when symptoms trouble the patient. Zyropathy provides a combination of food supplements and Zyro naturals to repair the root cause responsible for kidney damage. As a result, kidneys progressively improve. The recovery depends upon the threshold of damage caused to the kidneys. It helps in reducing the number of dialyses and improve upon other organ functions affected due to kidney failure. In some of the cases, even the size of the kidney has been revered to normal along with its functions. Zyropathy has effectively supported many kidney patients to lead a normal life and avoid kidney transplant. It is highly recommended that before opting for a kidney transplant, Zyropathy’s recommendation must be tried out for at least two months for possible recovery.

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