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Immunity & Allergies


Immunity is the ability of the human body to tackle externalities such as diseases and infections. It is a state of balance that a human body aims to have to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Many organs contribute to immunity, the primary one being the skin. Since it is the outer-most covering of the human body, it has the primary task of fending off infections. Lymph nodes, mucous membranes of the nose, throat, bladder, and genitals, tonsils, thymus, the spleen, bowel, and bone marrow form the immunity system.

The list of ailments that come under Immunity are:

    HPV infection
    Human immunodeficiency virus (See: HIV/AIDS)
    Lichen planus
    Lymph nodes, swollen (See: Swollen lymph nodes)
    Selective IgA deficiency
    Swollen lymph nodes
    Systemic lupus erythematosus (See: Lupus)
    Systemic sclerosis (See: Scleroderma)


An allergy is a common condition where the antibodies produced by the immune system reacts to a foreign substance that is usually harmless, causing discomfort. These substances generally include dust, pollen, and some common drugs and foods. While the severity of allergies varies from person to person, it is usually minor and can be relieved with medication and by avoiding the substances that cause the reaction.

The list of ailments that come under Allergies are:

  • Allergic reaction (See: Allergies)
    Allergic rhinitis (See: Hay fever)
    Allergy, dust mite (See: Dust mite allergy)
    Allergy, egg (See: Egg allergy)
    Allergy, food (See: Food allergy)
    Allergy, milk (See: Milk allergy)
    Allergy, peanut (See: Peanut allergy)
    Allergy, pet (See: Pet allergy)
    Allergy, wheat (See: Wheat allergy)
    Celiac disease
    Cold allergy (See: Cold urticaria)
    Dust mite allergy
    Egg allergy
    Food allergy
    Food allergy, egg (See: Egg allergy)
    Food allergy, milk (See: Milk allergy)
    Gluten-sensitive enteropathy (See: Celiac disease)
    Milk allergy
    Milk intolerance (See: Lactose intolerance)
    Morning sickness
    Peanut allergy
    Pet allergy
    Rhinitis, allergic (See: Hay fever)
    Seasonal allergy (See: Hay fever)
    Soy allergy
    Sprue, celiac (See: Celiac disease)
    Wheat allergy

Zyropathy’s Hypothesis

‘Immunity’ is one of the most essential parts of the human body. Known as ‘Pratirodhak Kshamta’ in Hindi, it is understood that immunity means the ability of the body to reject undesirables.

In simpler terms, consider immunity to be the administrator and its primary task is to overlook the general well being of the body and to carry out specific instructions given by the Brain which ensures its day to day upkeep and maintenance. Immunity is like an invisible cloak which subsists inside our body having the strenuous role of being the protector of the human body. It protects each cell from external aggressions and internal disorders. Although every cell is regulated by it, immunity is perhaps largely assisted by certain glands present in our bodies, such as the spleen, lymph nodes, genitals, tonsils, thymus, bowel, skin, bone marrow and mucous membranes of the nose, throat & ear for its functions. Considered the most powerful system in the body; it has the ability to repair organs, eliminate any undesirable activity within the body and to use the antibody produced by plasma cells to fight any external aggression in the form of viruses and bacteria.


Like any other organ system existing in our body, immunity also needs to grow and mature with time. The growth depends upon the food we eat and maturity is gained by our through experience. Consequently, it becomes very important to provide a nutritious diet which comprises of food produced in an environment free of chemicals, fertilizers and adulteration.

The famous phrase “Survival of the fittest” by Herbert Spencer describes an existential idea that in nature, there is a competition to survive. Consider the body like a sacred temple which needs clean and nutritious meals for performing at its best. It has to be fit in all aspects to survive.

A perception that body fitness is evaluated on physical fitness and external appearance is a widespread misnomer. Internal strength is of the utmost value. The human mind is designed in an intriguing way yet when it comes to affirming things, we tend to believe in only what we see. Thus, body systems and organs have been evaluated structurally as well as functionally based on their roles. However, immunity has not been given the credit or the care it deserves.

How often do you pay attention to what is going inside your body?

How many times are you counting the intake value of your food?

Are you monitoring your sleep patterns?

The question that arises from all the above is, whether these are important to us as individuals? I’m a grown-up why do I care?
I have enough vitality and feel strong; I don’t need to pay attention to small details in the diet I take.

Let us explain an underlying law of nature which is applicable throughout your lifespan.

Mankind, in their long struggle for growth and excellence has somewhere along the line, forgotten to invest sufficient time, energy and resources in understanding the most basic concept for its being. Immunity does not appear to us in any form but is an internal shield. It does not need surgery to fix it or amend its functions, perhaps the reason why it is neglected so much.

Initially, vaccines were developed to provide the necessary experience and expertise to Immunity for dealing with specific types of viruses and bacteria. However, after the initial considerations, this aspect of the human body was not much thought of. As a result, the term “Auto-Immune” disease or “Allergy” came to existence.

As a matter of convenience, modern medicine developed “Immunosuppressants” and “Steroids”. Thereafter, immunity was held responsible for the onset of many ailments as it was a misconception that immunity itself is destroying or damaging body organs. The concept of your immunity fighting back the body and attacking itself was set as unorthodox credence.

Formulation of steroids and immunosuppressants were gently started all across the globe. It has proven results in essential relief from symptoms; nevertheless, it is also known to have reduced the body’s self-healing ability.

As a result of the condition of the patient further deteriorates and a stage comes when symptom control medication loses effectiveness because of the increased intensity of ailment.
In a virtual sense, the condition of the patient never recovers and finally, they tend to either succumb to the ailment or learn to live with the problem.

Zyropathy believes in the fact that there is no ailment in the human body to be termed as “Auto-Immune” or “Allergy”. It is basically the failure of immunity. All types of allergies and all other ailments which are termed as auto-Immune are curable through a combination of food supplements and Zyro naturals. The food supplements strengthen immunity which in turn resolves every anomaly within the body. Zyropathy has been successful in providing relief to numerous patients suffering from different types of food and dust allergies. Our enriched solutions work in tandem with nature to resolve these issues.

Zyropathy is a non-invasive system envisioned in helping humanity and prospering its growth in the modern world.

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