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Gums are the protective tissue which hold the teeth firmly within the alveolar bone. The latter is the bone which is itself a part of the jawbone. Gums are otherwise known as gingiva. While a tooth erupts from underneath the mucous membranes start elevating.

Finally when the tooth has completely grown out within the mouth cavity, the gum tightly surrounds it at its neck region. It gets firmly connected with the cement of the tooth as well as the enamel. Healthy gums have a pink tint, appear stippled and tough.

These tissues do not have immense sensitivity to pain, temperature and pressure. The gums form minute gaps in between each teeth to provide proper spacing among them. These gaps are called interdental papillae.


Gums are basically connective tissues, connecting and firmly holding the teeth with the alveolar bone. But, even the gum has its share of ailments which deteriorates it’s toughness and causes obstruction in it’s functions. The common diseases affecting gums are Gingivitis,Periodontitis and Bad breath. An overview of these ailments are as follows:

Gingivitis: Gingivitis refers to the inflammation of the gums. A layer of bacteria in the form of plaque accumulates over the teeth. This ailment doesn’t cause much harm in its initial stages but can prove detrimental if left untreated. The deposition of plaque results in the gradual degradation of the gum tissue. This plaque hardens over time and deposits at the base of the teeth, near the gums. These eventually lead to the inflammation of the gums and bleeding. The most evident sign of this is red and puffy gums that bleed easily when one brushes his/her teeth. Smokers, diabetic people and people not practising good dental hygiene are the ones at risk.

Periodontitis: This is a more severe infection which happens when gingivitis is left untreated. It gradually degrades the alveolar bones which hold the teeth, leading to the loss of the latter. The common symptoms include bright red or purplish gums, bleeding, bad breath and pus between teeth. Bacteria in plaque and tartar are the main reason for this as they continue multiplying if left ignored. Persisting gingivitis, poor health hygiene, deficiency of vitamin C and smoking or chewing tobacco are the greatest risk factors.

Bad breath: Bad breath is a common disorder and affects one’s social interactions. It’s caused either by poor dental hygiene or by some other underlying health problems, while sometimes certain food can also be a reason. People with gingivitis, periodontitis and chronic diarrhea also experience this issue. This is not a serious disorder and happens across all age groups.

Zyropathy helps you to tackle these ailments with the help of a combination of natural supplements. Our supplements besides healing inflammation also support healthy enamel growth which provides protective covering to teeth. It is further advised that minimum dental interference is best. Because external dental activities erode away teeth enamel which is not repairable. Secondly it is advised that every day teeth should be provided exercise by eating food which applies pressure on teeth, this improves blood circulation in gums and teeth.

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