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The foot is the most complicated joint of the body, made up of 26 bones altogether and about 30 joints, while managing to transfer the whole of the body’s weight to the ground. These bones, attached to almost a hundred muscles, ligaments and tendons, work in unison like a precisely-tuned machinery to bear the weight of the body and help us in movement. The numerous bones and joints of the foot keep the body’s movement stable even on undulating surfaces.

The foot can be divided into three parts namely the forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot. The forefoot is the frontal part of the feet which includes the toes and the 14 bones that make it up. There are also five other thicker bones which help in pushing the body forward. The midfoot is made up of five irregularly shaped bones, known as tarsals. Tarsals form the middle arch of the foot, playing an important role in bearing the body’s weight and providing stability. The hindfoot consists of two large bones called the talus and the calcaneus. The calcaneus is the larger between the two and forms the heel of the foot. The talus is fixed on top of the heel, forming the rotatable joint of the ankle. The muscles of the foot are attached to all these bones by the ligaments and tendons. The strongest and most important tendon in the foot is the Achilles Tendons, originating in the calf muscles and ending in the heels. These help in running, climbing and standing on our toes.


Being a complex structure that bears the weight of the whole of the body’s bones, muscles and organs, feet are prone to undergo wear and tear resulting in certain ailments that cause hindrances in its functions. If complex machinery incurs a major damage, it’s a hard task for a technician to fix it. A physician faces a similar situation when tackling a patient’s major injury in the foot. The common ailments vexing the feet are Sprains, Tendinitis, Bone fractures and Osteoarthritis. An overview of these ailments is as follows:

Sprains: Ligaments are the tough bands of fibrous tissues which connect the bones together in a joint. When these ligaments stretch or stretch enough to cause a tear, then it’s called a sprain. The ankle is the most vulnerable to sprains as this happens mostly when one trips over while running. A sprain is different from a strain, where the injury is related to the damage caused to the muscles. Minor sprains can be treated through rest, massage and medication, while the major ones may require surgery to fix the torn ligaments.

Bone fractures: The breaking of a bone is known as a fracture in medical terms. This happens when the force exerted on the bone is greater than the bone’s strength to withstand it. Accidents are mostly the reason for such a mishap, be it an unexpected fall or a motorcycle accident. Children and young adults can get cured in a month or two, but older adults have a difficult time recovering from bone fractures as their bones become brittle as they age. A serious bone fracture requires immediate medical assistance, as complications can cause damage to blood vessels or the inflammation of bones and the surrounding tissues.

Tendinitis: Tendinitis is a similar condition to sprain, as this means the stretching or tearing of the tendons which causes inflammation in them. It mostly occurs in athletes who play golf, tennis, badminton or practise swimming as these sports require repetitive motion of a similar type. Rectifying the technique of these motions is the key to avoid this ailment. Most cases of tendinitis can be cured with rest, physical therapy and medications, while severe one’s call for surgery in case of the rupturing of a tendon.

Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage between the joints wear out due to erosion with time. This causes difficulty in movement which can hinder one’s ability to go about the daily activities. In the feet, this form of arthritis mostly occurs in the big toe, midfoot and ankle. When non-invasive methods have failed to cure the ailment, surgery is considered as the solution.

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