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Eyes are complex structures that enable us to see by controlling the amount of light that enters into the eyeballs. It can focus on objects which are near or far away while producing continuous images that get transmitted to the brain. Orbits are the two bony cavities in the skull which hold the eyeballs. It also houses the muscles which control the movement of the eyes, nerves and blood vessels. The outermost layer of the eyeball is the white layer called the sclera and is relatively tough. The sclera is covered by a thin transparent layer called the conjunctiva which protects the sclera while also allowing light to pass through it. Light enters the eye through the cornea which forms a slight bulge on the eyeball. The cornea also helps in focusing the light into the retina which is the innermost layer. The coloured part of the eye is called an iris which pretty much works like an aperture of a camera. It regulates the amount of light entering the eye, reducing the intensity if it’s too bright outside or increasing the intensity if it’s dull or dark. Behind the iris is a vital part called lens. The lens changes its thickness as per the distance of the object it’s trying to focus on. Finally, the light rays strike at the retina which forms a clear image as it contains photoreceptor cells on it. This image is then sent to the brain through the optic nerves.


Just like a piece of complex machinery is prone to develop faults in it while also being delicate, the same is the case of the eyes. One cannot bear the irritation caused if even a tiny foreign particle comes into contact with the eyeball, be it dust particles or small flies accidentally falling into the eyes. Also, there are quite a lot of ailments and disorders that affect the eye. Some of them are namely Conjunctivitis, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Presbyopia and Retinal disorders. An overview of these ailments is as follows:

Conjunctivitis: The inflammation of the conjunctiva is what causes Conjunctivitis. It’s not a serious disease and affects mostly children. But it’s quite contagious and spreads easily in schools. Viruses, pathogens or allergies are the most common cause of these. The visible symptoms are redness in the eyes, increase in the yellow discharge in the morning, burning and severe itching in the eyes.

Cataracts: This happens when the lens becomes clouded, causing partial blindness. This mostly happens to elderly people as age is a factor that causes it. This develops gradually with increasing age, appearing harmless in the initial stages but goes on to become worse. As a person ages, the lens inside the eyes becomes less flexible and some of its cells break down and accumulate in front of it, obstructing the clear transference of light into the retina. This causes a hazy vision which mostly requires surgery for treatment.

Glaucoma: this is the development of abnormal pressure inside the eyeballs. This is more common among older people and often leads to blindness. The increased pressure usually leads to the damage of the optic nerves, resulting in blind spots in one’s field of vision.

Presbyopia: Presbyopia is a difficult part of aging and mostly starts during the mid-40s. This is characterized by the inability of the eye to focus on nearby objects. Its main cause is the hardening of the lens, which occurs gradually with age.

Retinal disorders: The prime reasons for these ailments are aging and diabetes, which affect the retina, thus consequently affecting the clarity in vision. Age causes the degeneration of the macula, which is an important portion of the retina, while diabetes damages the blood vessels running through it.

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