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Ears are specialized organs in the body which serve the following two functions:

Hearing: The eardrums start vibrating when sound waves enter the ears. Three tiny bones, otherwise known as ossicles, transfer these vibrations to the oval window. This oval window is a membrane located at the entrance of the inner ear.

Balance: The ears, eyes and nerve receptors around the joints altogether help the body in achieving balance. The brain receives information from these and processes them, to get an idea of the increase or decrease in speed and the change in direction of the head.

The ear is a canal or conduit which transfers sound from the external world to the brain, for it to process them and facilitate the communication between an individual and the external world. The ear has a complex structure which can be divided into three parts namely:

Outer ear: This auricle (basically the structure which we refer to as ear in common language) and a canal originating from it inwards are parts of the outer ear. This part helps in the transfer of sound waves and protects the delicate parts inside. It’s lined with hair and ear-wax.

Middle Ear: The three tiny bones known as the ossicles transfer sound waves from the eardrum towards the inner ear. It’s a tricky area as it has several airspaces which make it easy for infectious pathogens to get inside the body.

Inner ear: An inner ears’ structure resembles a maze. Inside this maze is the cochlea, which contains the main hearing organ, called the Organ of Corti, which traces the sound and transfers the information to the brain through cochlear nerves.


The ability of hearing and the sense of balance are important abilities to lead a normal life. Any harm to the ear or the onset of any ear-related ailment can hinder these abilities and thus cripple one’s ability to go about one’s daily chores. Some common ailments of the ear are namely Ear infections, Tinnitus, Meniere’s disease, and Barotrauma. An overview of the following are:

Ear infections: This infection happens in the middle ear, where the ossicles are located. This ailment can be mostly seen in children and is a rare occurrence among adults. The cavity of the middle ear gets filled with fluid and mucus, which makes it difficult for the sound waves to go through them, thus limiting the patient’s hearing capability. Evident symptoms are persistent ear pain, loss of hearing, discharge from the ear and fever.

Tinnitus: refers to the irritating noise or ringing which one hears within the ear. This can be itself a symptom of an underlying disease or a disorder in the circulatory system. The most common cause is the thinning or damage of the hair cells of the inner ear. These hair cells are tiny hair that moves following the pressure of sound waves. If some of this hair is bent or broken then it’ll cause abnormalities in the deliverance of sound to the nerve cells.

Meniere’s disease: This ailment leads to vertigo (loss of balance) and hearing loss. Meniere’s disease can be caused due to the deposition of fluid in the inner ear, abnormality in the immune system, viral infection or a combination of all of these. The erratic phases of vertigo, which come and go suddenly, make the sufferer susceptible to falls and injuries.

Barotrauma: Symptoms of this disorder range from a feeling of uncomfortable pressure inside the ear to dizziness and partial hearing loss. The middle ear is connected to the nose and throat through the eustachian tube. When this tube gets blocked due to the difference in the air pressure between the inside of the body and the external environment, barotrauma occurs. So, this usually affects a person if he/she visits a high-altitude place.
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