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The cranium is a part of the skull, which provides proper shape to the head and the face. Also, it provides protection to the delicate tissues of the brain. There exist two types of bones in the cranium, namely the flat bones which are thin and flat with some areas having a slight curve and the irregular bones which have complex shapes. The parts of cranial bones are joined firmly together by joints called suture made up of thick connective tissues. These joints are irregularly shaped which in turn aids them in joining together other bones which have complex shapes. Suture joints don’t join firmly until a person reaches adulthood, allowing the brain to gradually grow through childhood and adolescence.


As cranium is a bone, it’s also susceptible to diseases and disorders like other bones of the body. Even injuries and traumas can cause damage to the cranium and the underlying brain tissues. Some common ailments of the cranium are namely Fractures, Craniosynostosis, Paget’s Disease and Osteomas. An overview of these diseases is as follows:

Fractures: Fractures are cracks or breakages in the cranial bones due to injuries or impacts. Cranial fractures can be mild in nature and won’t cause pain and may heal over time without any invasive surgery. But if the impact is severe, it may cause a severe fracture which would call for surgery to get treated.

Craniosynostosis: This can be called a birth defect, as some infants suffering from it have premature closing or joining of skull joints. This can result in an unusually shaped skull and may give rise to deformed facial features. Infants suffering from this condition require surgical treatment to avoid chances of complications in the future.

Paget’s Disease of bones: This disorder results in faster generation of new bone cells, which are softer than normal and are vulnerable to fractures, deformities and pain in the bones. Other than the skull, these also occur in the pelvis, spine and legs. Experts suspect that this happens due to a combination of environmental and genetic factors. Men over the age of 40 are most likely to get affected and the visible symptoms include sudden hearing loss, headaches and bone deformities.

Osteomas: Osteomas is an abnormal growth on the skull. These growths are not cancerous but can cause headaches, sinus infections and impaired vision. These are benign and may or may not require treatment. If in case a necessity of treatment arises, then medications and minimally invasive surgeries may provide the cure.

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