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What is Cancer?

“Uncontrolled growth of Cells” is termed as Cancer.

Why ‘Uncontrolled’ Growth of Cells?

Uncontrolled growth of cells takes place due to failure of controlling mechanism, i.e. Immunity.

How is Cancer Caused?

Whenever the body’s controlling mechanism, i.e. Immunity, is weak or is diversified to handling another emergent situation for prolonged duration, the cells with multiplication characteristics start multiplying. If this phenomenon continues to be undetected for a long duration it results into uncontrolled cell growth, which is termed as Cancer.

Root Cause of Cancer is Failure of Immunity.


The construction of a body begins with the fusion of an egg cell and a sperm. The fusion initiates the process of cell multiplication. The rapid multiplication of cells forms into a baby of about 3kg in nine months and attains about 80 kg weight with 6 ft. height within 20 years. Once the body’s growth completes, the process of cell multiplication stops and is taken over by the process of cell division which is known as ‘Mutation’. In the process of mutation, a cell divides into two parts, where the older one decays and is replaced by the new one. The phenomenon of cell division takes care of day to day maintenance and repair of cells. However, during the process of transition from cell multiplication to cell division, a few cells with the characteristics of cell multiplication are retained under the control of immunity for emergency repairs, i.e. wounds/cuts, in Skin or Bone Fracture. These cells are stored under a strict control of immunity. Any lapse in immunity results in multiplication of cells which is the basic characteristic of these cells. If the multiplication of these cells remain undetected by immunity for prolonged duration and exceeds the threshold limit, it results in uncontrolled growth of cells causing cancer.

Cancer is an undesirable activity within an individual’s body. It does not come from the outside. However, outside factors are greatly responsible for lowering and diversifying immunity, which is the root cause of cancer. Input to the body is heavily adulterated and polluted resulting in enhanced toxicity. The immunity gets diverted in neutralizing toxicity and as a result, the cells kept for emergency repairs start multiplying, resulting in cancer.

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Treatment Approaches

Zyropathy recommends a combination of supplements depending upon the type of Cancer. These supplements inhibit/retard the rate of growth of cancerous cells, enhance immunity and provide optimum nutrition to healthy cells to produce more energy to support immunity to fight the undesirable activity. Although Zyropathy provides complete treatment, in advance cases where immunity alone is unable to fight back the disease it also recommends surgery, chemotherapy and radiation too. In an ideal condition Zyropathy treatment must commence at least 21 days before the commencement of any other treatment because it strengthens immunity and prepares the body for any other line of treatment. It is envisioned that the a combination of Zyropathy and Allopathy can provide complete remission in any type of cancer.

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