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Kamayani Naresh - Founder

The word ‘Zyro’ means ‘Helping Humanity’ and thus ‘Zyropathy’ is a system for serving and helping humanity. Zyropathy has been redefining health and healthy living.

The chromosomal beginning of Zyropathy dates back nearly three decades.It primarily started with self-relief and slowly spread through friends and relatives to masses. Improvement in people’s health and conditions triggered a spark in the mind of Kamayani Naresh, that supplements have a major role in repair and maintenance of human body. With time the number of people seeking advice started growing, which necessitated further study of human physiology, organ systems and their role. Soon, with experience, knowledge and effective results, Zyropathy a New Healing System came into existence.

Most of the ailments today are either due the deficiency of essentials or because of the dysfunctional status of the non-essential system within us. Zyropathy uses combination of food supplements for fulfilling the deficiency of essentials and ZyroNaturals for activating dysfunctional non-essential systems inside the body. Zyropathy aims to eliminate the root cause of diseases by stimulating the natural healing ability of the body. At Zyropathy we believe that immunity is the key to repairing and maintaining a living organism.

The natural derivatives of plants and minerals are most suitable for repairing human body as they strengthen our immunity naturally.
In last two decades Zyropathy has supported more than seventy-five thousand patients across seventeen countries suffering with various ailments. Zyropathy has achieved tremendous popularity by word of mouth because of its promising results even in cases where other medicine systems have failed miserably.
We endeavour to create an understanding that medicines (drugs) may be helpful in controlling diseases and its symptoms but disorders can be cured by using combination of supplements and Zyro Naturals. Zyro Naturals are uniquely designed supplements using the medicinal properties of herbs and plants which strengthens our immunity and supports in the recovery against all diseases.

Why we exist?

A disease/disorder may exist for long but it never attracts the attention of an individual till symptoms starts affecting everyday functionality. Most of the people do not understand the difference between diseases/disorders and their symptoms. People visit doctors and hospitals with symptoms, medication is prescribed which only controls symptoms but do not address the root cause of the disease. In addition to that there are side effects of these medications that end up damaging other body organs/systems. As soon as the medication is stopped the symptoms resurface. The procedure of recommendation to higher specializations and bigger hospitals start. This continues till the individual succumbs mentally, physically and financially. In many cases, individual who started with one health issue at the age of 35-40 dies with multiple health issues including the first one. The question to be asked here is to why are we patronizing and supporting such a system which is generating more illness and does not cure any.

The rampant use of antibiotics, steroids, immunosuppressants, unethical surgery and voluminous multifarious corruptions will soon become the cause of debacle for the prevalent medicine system. Awareness about all these issues is in the upward swing in masses. Everyone knows about the harmful effects of medicines and therefore is in search of another health system which provides genuine relief and repairs us without any side effects. Zyropathy strives to become the solution that we all seek by helping humanity without compromising our health.

This is an effort to briefly introduce Zyropathy, it’s evolution, principles
& practice, products and experiences. Before going to products and
their uses one should read the general account of Zyropathy provided
in this booklet. Numerous case studies and testimonials of
(successfully treated) patients (most of them were refused by doctors)
are available in Zyro magazine, website of Zyropathy that is
www.zyropathy.com, Care World TV programmes, You Tube,
Zyropathy app, Zyropathy Group in Facebook and on internet. For
more details one can go for the book (available in English and Hindi)
‘Healthy Living with Food Supplements’ written by Kamayani Naresh,
the Founders of Zyropathy. We are thankful to God almighty, all
patients, Mr. Nair R., Manager Zyropathy, Mr. Randhir Office-in-charge
and business coordinator Zyropathy, Mr. Afzal assistant, Dr. Harjit, the
first consultant Zyropathy, Dr. Nidhi, Dr. Inderjit, sincere advisers,
Advertisement Coordinator Mr. Rajesh K. Goyal, designer Mr. Parkash
Chand and Vats Publications New Delhi for bringing this work to
readers hands. Our sincere thanks go to Mr. S. Jagdeep Singh of Parex
Pharmaceuticals, S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali) for quality production of
supplements and herbal products at affordable costs. Suggestions,
advices and healthy criticism are welcome.

Zyropathy- Helping humanity is a New Era Healing System. According to World Health Organization (W.H.O.),
health does not mean merely the absence of disease, rather it is a state of well being of a person physically,
mentally, socially as well as spiritually. In Zyropathy, we address all the four aspects of human health(i.e.
Promotive, Preventive, Curative and Rehabilitative) by using dietary supplements, antioxidants and
scientifically standardised rich quality herbal extracts and products. Kamayani Naresh, the founders of
Zyropathy initially started with food supplements. After sometime, need of rich quality and scientifically
standardised herbal extracts and plant products was badly felt. The first batch of such products was Z-Acidas,
Z-Yog, Z- Shool.This showed very good and encouraging results. So other such herbal products were added, are
being added and more are in line.
The founders of Zyropathy, Kamayani Naresh are regularly consulting and treating the patients with Zyropathy at
its registered office, Zyro Health Care (P) Ltd., Flat No.-02, Samta Apartment, Plot No.L6A, Street No.1, Mahavir
Enclave, Palam Area, New Delhi-110045. He is a visiting consultant at Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Pune,
Bengaluru, Dehradun, Shimla, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and many other places across India.
To spread the message of Zyropathy and share his experiences Kamayani Naresh is regular on Care WorldTV and
a bimonthly magazine Zyro is being published in English as well as in Hindi. One can see testimonials of a
number of patients (mostly refused by allopathic doctors) in the issues of Zyro magazine, website and youtube.
He is holding/taking health seminars across India and abroad.
Although, Zyropathy is spreading by word of mouth, by electronic and print media but the major work is a book
‘Healthy Living with Food Supplements’, written by Kamayani Naresh. It is available in English and in Hindi. It is
being translated to other languages. Recently we have added a very important product Preventika. It is the first
product of its kind for prevention of diseases and disorders. Now, more and more products and combinations are
being added in Zyropathy. More encouraging results are there and challenges are ahead.
Present booklet is a concise work on approach, principles and practice of Zyropathy. Details of individual
Zyropathy products are given with description, composition, uses, quantity and cost per unit. This product
catalogue will be more useful if correlated with basic human anatomy, physiology, biochemistry,
pharmacology, pathology, toxicology and other advancements in science along with Ayurvedic literature.

For entire life span an individual remains in a dynamic correlation with its habitat. Human body is made up of
five basic elements i.e. Space, Air, Water, Fire and Earth. Body is dependent on its habitat for (essential and
nonessential) inputs and sheds off its products to its habitat. From birth to death man goes through a series of
natural changes. Everyone wants to travel this journey comfortably and want to die peacefully. But this doesn’t
happen always. Sometimes, abnormal trouble making changes occur, known as diseases.
Zyropathy is a new healing system which is under evolution for last two and half decades. It is a complete healing
system as it has four aims that is-
(a) Promoting the health of a healthy one
(b) Preventing someone to becoming ill
(c) Treating the patients
(d) Helping the better recovery and rehabilitation

Zyropathy comprehends that most of the problems troubling human body in the existing situation are ‘Disorders
and are not Diseases’. The root cause of Disorders is deficiency of one or more essential input to the body and/or
the deficiency of corresponding non essential not being synthesized within. Thus, Zyropathy envisags that if the
deficit essential input is provided in early stage, then the body directly starts repairing itself and improvement in
the condition of the individual is quite evident within short span of time. But if the disorder was due to deficiency
of essential for prolonged duration, where in the non-essential synthesizing system has become defunct then
the repair process may take time and it will require not only dietary supplements but some other herbal extracts
formulated by Zyropathy. In such cases appreciable recovery may not be apparent but further damage to
associated secondary system or organ can be controlled, thereby limiting further damage to the body. It is
possible to repair the disorder on early stage by eliminating the deficiency. But in advanced stage, combination
of herbal extracts is needed to repair the non-essential synthesizing system.
Now-a-days degenerative disorders like coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes, cancers, allergies etc.
are on an increasing trend all over the world. In some countries and metropolitan cities these have become
epidemics. This is the result of modern lifestyle, pollution, poor nutrition and weakened immunity. This causes
oxidative stress leading to degeneration of cells and in turn degenerative disorder expressed by symptoms. In
Allopathy (the most prevalent/ practised modern system of medicine) only symptom control (to some extent
with so many side effects) is available for degenerative disorders. The root cause of the degenerative disorder
remains unaddressed. Kamayani Naresh had seen such patients living for a shorter duration and dying for a
longer duration. This led to evolution of Zyropathy.

Zyropathy also comprehends that the repair and maintenance of the body is the sole responsibility of the
immune system. If the immunity of the body is strong and the ingredients are available, the repair and
maintenance of the body will take place itself – that is the nature. But either immunity is weak or ingredients are
insufficient then repair and maintenance will get hampered which show up the symptoms and if remained
unaddressed will become irreparable with due course of time. In Zyropathy immunity is addressed as a whole
and the specific immunity confined to particular organ or organ system.
The line of treatment in Zyropathy mainly comprises the combination of supplements, antioxidants and Zyro
Naturals. Diagnosis is made by history of illness, physical examination, investigation and old treatment records
of the patient. The overall combination is worked out. Combination not only relieve symptoms but also address
the root cause, thus curing the diseases permanently. Depending upon the condition of the patient symptom
relief may be early or delayed. As these products are food supplements, anti oxidants and natural herbal
products no side effects has been noted yet. These are safe even when co prescribed with other medications. For
further details one may go to Issues of Zyro magazine, the book ‘Healthy Living with Food Supplements’ and log
on to www.zyropathy.com or www.zyro.in. You can also get ample amount of information in our mobile
application- zyropathy apphttps://
Zyropathy is a new system under evolution. We endeavor to provide our best services through electronic as well
as other media possible within our meager resources. We look forward to your positive contribution in
developing Zyropathy as New Era Healing System for eliminating pain, agony and sufferings from the life of

"ZYROPATHY" Work wonders

The brain is the control center of the body. It controls thoughts, memory, speech, and movement. It regulates the function of many organs.
Chronic kidney disease, also called chronic kidney failure, describes the gradual loss of kidney function
Unlike cardiovascular disease, which describes problems with the blood vessels and circulatory system as well as the heart, heart disease refers only issues and deformities in the heart itself.
When you breathe, your lungs take in oxygen from the air and deliver it to the bloodstream. The cells in your body need oxygen to work and grow.
Your stomach is an organ between your esophagus and small intestine. It is where digestion of protein begins. The stomach has three tasks.
Diabetes, often referred to by doctors as diabetes mellitus, describes a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose


Zyroapthy Cures

Zyro Natural are the treasures of healing qualities and properties. We combine the right herbs in the formula which have synergistic qualities to enhance medicinal efficacy.

No Side-Effects

Zyropathy uses combination of food supplements for fulfilling the deficiency of essentials and ZyroNaturals for activating dysfunctional non-essential systems inside the body.

Cure Any Disease

Most of the ailments today are either due the deficiency of essentials or because of the dysfunctional status of the non-essential system within us.


Zyropathy aims to eliminate the root cause of diseases by stimulating the natural healing ability of the body. At Zyropathy we believe that immunity is the key to repairing and maintaining a living organism.

"ZYROPATHY" Vision And Mission


Our Vision

Our Vision Vision Zyropathy- People To Live And die Healthy


Our Mission

Our Mission Mission Zyropathy – Eliminate PAin, Agony and Suffering due to Ailments.

Zyropathy Aims

Zyropathy Aims

Zyropathy aims to eliminate the root cause of diseases by stimulating the natural healing ability of the body. At Zyropathy we believe that immunity is the key to repairing and maintaining a living organism.

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