Kamayani Naresh, Founders of Zyropathy is an ordinary couple with a visionary outlook. Naresh being a native of Chitrakoot which is known for its abundance in medicinal herbs had already witnessed effectiveness of herbs in various ailments. The presence of innumerable medicinal plants and herbs is one of the reasons why Chitrakoot has been famous in history. Kamayani, an ex-high school teacher and Naresh a navy veteran tied nuptial cord in 2007, to become Kamayani Naresh as founders of new health system. Inspired by the patients who benefitted from their advice, they published a book titled, “Healthy Living with Food Supplements” in Hindi and English followed by other native languages in subsequent years.

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 The book was written in common parlance intended to spread awareness in people about various diseases, their symptoms and supplements helpful in recovery against them. The book educated many giving a chance to think beyond the current medicine system. In 2010, a bilingual, bimonthly health journal titled, “Zyro” was launched to spread the developments in the field of Zyropathy.


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