World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day
Today, the world is celebrating- “Cancer Day” – does it not sound strange? Different types of cancers will file their nominations for awards under various categories.
But do you know –
(1) Cancer does not come from outside the body.
(2) Cancer causing cells are integral part of our body and responsible for construction of body.
(3) The root cause of Cancer is low immunity, which is due to numerous reasons.
(4) Chemo & Radiation therapy- lowers body’s immunity and thus aids in spread of cancer.
(5) But, people are still searching cure for Cancer in Chemo & Radiation therapy. This is the reason the cure for Cancer could not be found till date.
(6) Solution for all our health issues lies in nature. Immunity is responsible for repair and maintenance of the body.
(7) The only way to eradicate Cancer is by strengthening Immunity System.
(8) Zyropathy cures Cancer by enhancing immunity. The possibility of relapse is very rare in patients cured of Cancer through Zyropathy.
(9) “Preventika” a unique product developed by Zyropathy helps in prevention from cancer.
(10) Along with prevention from Cancer, Preventika also protects the body from all other ailments. It virtually shields your body from all ailments.
For a Healthy life, free of ailments, adopt Zyropathy.
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