Withering Values

Withering Values
Off late there has been many attacks on doctors in various parts of the country. It needs thorough analysis. The causes of such incidents are examined on case to case basis but it is a very serious issue. Once called the noblest profession where doctors were considered next to God! is on the anvil now. It is the result of withering away of the professional values of this profession. Everyone is suspicious about anything being suggested by doctors. Masses are loosing faith and talking ill about the profession. This change in mindset is on the rise probably because of –

(1) The corporatisation of medical world. Huge investments demanding huge returns.

(2) Professional incompetence. Inspite of super specialisations and voluminous study the plight of patient doesn’t get uplifted commensurate to the degree achieved by the doctor.

(3) Rising Diagnosis Disability. Inspite of tremendous improvements in diagnostic methods the diagnosis remains the most oblivious part of treatment. “Test par Test par Test” – “Baste par Basta” – yet the disease is not diagnosed. टेस्ट पर टेस्ट पर टेस्ट- बस्ते पर बस्ता – फिर भी बीमारी का पता नहीं।

(4) The Profession has become puppet in the hands of medicine  manufacturers and diagnostics labs because of money power. The bulk of money lies with the above two and therefore doctors are dancing to the tune played.

(5) The upward trend for surgery even in minuscule issues is the result of attempt of power capturing by doctors. Once a surgery is done, the doctor become the ultimate powerful authority and then everyone dances to his/her tune.

(6) The professional opinion is diluted to meet the expectations of management and executives in Corporate hospitals. The focus here is on the paying capacity of the patient and not the problem of the patient.

(7) The entire medicine system is only functioning to suppress or control symptoms with side effects. The inability to cure any health issue causes inbuilt professional harassment and a feeling of incompetence within the doctors.

(8) Rampant use of steroids causing serious side effects and permanent damage to various organs has further tarnished the image of medicine system.

(9) Growing usage of immunosuppressants has resulted in further downgrading the medical system. The word ‘Autoimmune’ is a misnomer coined to blame Immunity in order to hide the inability of medicine system to deal with such diseases.

(10) Today most of the true medical professionals believe at the heart of heart that the existing medicine system is unable to provide relief to humanity in any health issue including infection.

Abraham Lincoln said about deception: “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.

It is the right time for the medical professionals, medicine manufacturers and diagnostic professionals to review the facts on ground and do something positive to save their withering image. If proper action is not initiated now, the days are not far when doctors will be afraid in going to hospitals and will be walking on street with armed guards and z-class security.


One thought on “Withering Values

  1. Dr K K Shahi

    Actually there are various reasons for the inability and inefficiency of the allopathic practitioners-
    -first of all,the system of allopathy has been the redults of the need and the developments in the western world.
    -the knowledge and the processes evolved and developed in the west do not come in full in the developing world like India,so our professionals work with incomplete knowledge.
    -the greed and hypocricy in the medical ecudation and practice system in India that makes our professionals incompetent and dishonest.
    -there have been better health care system in our ancient society that has been ignored and disregarded by our administrative establishments due to pressure from the modern medical industry.


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