Water Pollution Prevention by PREVENTIKA

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The habitat conditions are deteriorating day by day. It is slowly poisoning our body every day. The rise in lifestyle disorders is a clear indication of slow poisoning of our body. None of the existing products provide complete health solution, because “PREVENTION” of body from the exiting habitat deterioration was not in the agenda of any health product manufacturer. Protecting the body is individuals responsibility. Believe it or not, Preventika has the power of Nature for complete health solution. It is 100% natural and no side effects. Act now, before its too late.


Preventika is a synergistic combination of Curcumin, Tulsi , Belpatra, Sheesham , Gudmaar, Arjuna, Giloy and Dill. It is a powerful anti-oxidant, cardiac tonic, it improves blood circulation, it helps in preventing heart problems, it acts as antibiotic and natural steroid, it is anti-inflammatory, it acts as immune modulator, it helps in preventing cancer, it works as aphrodisiac, it helps in treating respiratory disorders, it is a cough reliever, it is used in internal edema, it is used as a diuretic, it is an anti-diabetic drug, it works as an antacid, it is used in the treatment of gout, it helps in preventing Alzheimer and it also helps in bone formation & strengthening.

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