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Vertigo or dizziness is the name given, to the moving sensation which in most cases is a spinning movement. This sensation or dizziness may cause nausea.
Symptoms: A spinning sensation. When this sensation occurs together with an unbearable buzzing in the ears it is called meniere syndrome and is produced by a gradual accumulation of fluid in the inner ear. This meniere disorder may cause the loss of hearing with time. Only a physician can correctly diagnose this disorder.

Causes: When this spinning or dizzy sensation occurs occasionally it may be due to several factors, like: Too much alcohol, riding on a bus or plane with a lot of movement, a blow on the head, etc.

When dizziness occurs frequently, causes may be from a problem in a part of the inner ear which is called the semi-circular canals where receptacles filled with pilose cells (hair shaped) are found. These hairs detect the movement caused by small crystals in the canals which flow over them.

When these small crystals come to rest in another part of this hairy canal, with the slightest movement they will provoke by means of pressure an erroneous message to be transmitted to the brain concerning the position of the head, which will cause dizziness.


The correct treatment is a series of movements which will cause the small crystals to be relocated in the correct area where they should be.

A technique that some doctors recommended is:

While sitting on the edge of your bed, lean your body and your head toward your left side until your head touches the bed. Remain in that position for 30 seconds or until the dizziness stops. Then, slowly straighten yourself and lean your body and head to the other side. Repeat this operation 10 to 15 times, twice a day for 10 days. This technique gives good results in most cases. If you see an ear specialist, he will move your head until the crystals are in their correct place.

For preventing vertigo it is recommended to take vitamins B2 (100 mg.) and B6 (100 mg.) as well as the whole B- Complex (350 mg.). Ginger is very helpful for vertigo.

Warning! If dizziness continues after following the technique described above or if you hear a buzzing which increases with time, consult your physician.

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