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Tonsils are two cavities or modules whose function is to defend the body against toxic substances that are found in the blood. They are located internally on each side of the throat between the mouth and pharynx. Tonsillitis occurs when the tonsils are inflamed or irritated, due to an infection or because they fill with foreign substances.

Symptoms: Pain, inflammation and irritation in the area on both sides of the throat causing difficulty in swallowing. Tonsils can be seen at the back of the throat as you look in the open mouth.

Causes: The infection is often caused by the same bacteria that the tonsils are supposed to destroy.

Suggestion:The first thing to do is to cleanse the body of toxins with orange and lemon juice, eat plenty of green vegetables and fresh fruits, and drink lot of water. Do activities that force the body to sweat a lot, helping to eliminate the toxins through the skin and kidneys. Gargle with salt water.

Alert! If your temperature rises above 102 degrees try to lower it, and if you are not able to, consult your doctor.

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