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Tetanus is a disease caused by bacteria generally found on dirty and rusty objects, in the ground or in animal excrement.

Symptoms: The body arches up, the nape of neck becomes rigid, one cannot open the mouth (lockjaw), abdominal, back and face muscles get tense, erratic pulse and fever. Contraction of the muscles in the pharynx and chest may produce asphyxiation.

Causes: wounds made with dirty objects or animal bites, thorn or nail puncture wounds, rusty metal, etc.


If the wound is made by a metal object, an object which was not sterilized, or an animal bite; do not neglect it. Consult your physician immediately in order to receive tetanus vaccination. Since tetanus is a bacteria, the first thing you should do is:

Wash the wound well with soap with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, apply antiseptic cream. Consult your physician as early as feasible.

Warning! Tetanus may be fatal if it is not taken care immediately. You should have a vaccination especially if the wound was made with rusty metal or metal found among animal excrement.

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