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Tea is the second most consumed beverages  in the world,playing second fiddle only water. It is in almost every culture, and there are literally thousands of varieties. Some historical notes suggest that tea has been a warm beverage companion to man for over five thousands years!

There are four main types of tea which are, white, green, oolong, and black, all which are born from the same species of plant.

The Tea from Eastern part of India  is known fo a full-boiled malty flavor.The tea leaves origante form bushes in the Assam Valley in India, where the Brahmaputra river flows.The river has deposited a rich loam over the valley,and the area experiences both hot monsoon seasons and cool, dry winters, which are ideal conditions for the Assam tea bush. Assam tea isn’t associated with a specific meal,which means it can be drunk at any point during the day.

Common health facts about tea show us that it is rich in antioxidants, can shield our immune systems, stop infection, and even help us shed some pounds. However following therapeutic properties have been describe to tea:

Refreshing effect, Relaxation of nerves, Brightening of eyes, Combating alcoholism, Reduction of obesity, Cleansing the blood of heat and impurities, Quenching thirst, Treatment of abscesses, Elimination of phlegm Curing dysentery, Stimulating digestion, Cleansing the bowels, Giving energy, Strengthening teeth

Exploring Herbal 

Herbal teas are not considered “true” teas; they are different, which are also called “tisanes”. Tisanes are simply an infusion of hot water mixed stems and nuts of other plants.There is a wide selection of these herbal brews to enjoy, with


the sweet tasting brew from Chamomile tea has been used for many generations. This herbal treat can help aid digestion, stomach pain, and give one a good nights sleep.

Lemon grass:

lemon grass tea is an herbal infusion that has a zesty, lemony, and refreshing taste. This herbal beverage also shows evidence of having antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Herbal green:

herbal green tea is a beverage that takes the leaves of green tea and combines it with the flowers,leaves,and roots of other herbs enhancing the already great health benefits and taste.


essiac tea is a blend of herbs which some believe when brewed may have cancer treating abilities. This interesting herbal infusion may help other health disorders as well.


Ginger has been used for ages by many culture to fight colds as well as a cooking spice. Modern claims suggest ginger tea may help with migraines and arthritis.

Peppermint :

one of my favorite herbals, this tea has a nice minty taste that when consumed helps with various stomach disorders, one of which is IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Also, the flavor is not as overwhelming as folks may think.


another mint tea, spearmint like its cousin peppermint helps sooth and relax the stomach and bowel. However, unlike peppermint tea, I found spearmint to have more of a slightly sweeter taste. Very refreshing when drunk cold!

The Health Benefits.

  • A new research suggests the drinking either green or black tea can help wipe out viruses in your mouth, (like herpes) and also help prevent diarrhea, pneumonia, cystitis, and skin infections He states that these teas “deactivate” such viruses.
  • Studies done at Rutgers ?University reveal that tea may help prevent stomach, prostate, and breast cancer. The chemicals found in black tea show it may slow down cancer growth. A compound called TF-2 causes such cancer cells to “commit suicide” while normal cells remain unaffected
  • Black Tea can also help prevent heart attack and stroke by saving arteries. In a test done by Dr. Joseph Vita, of the Boston University School of Medicine, he had some heart patients drink plain water, and the others black tea. After a month, the patients who drank the tea showed impaired blood vessel functioning had improved by 50%!
  • In a related 10 year study done in the Netherlands, men who consumed 3 cups of black tea daily decreased their chances by 50% of dying from heart disease.

The future, however, looks promising as more and more health benefits of tea are released each week. The world of tea drinking is delightful on both the enjoyment and health aspects front.

Tea is a beverage that is enjoyed in the morning, afternoon, or evening, whether feeling ill or good, and can be consumed hot or cold.

!!So Enjoy Black Tea and Be healthy!!

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