Zyropathy – An Evolution

Yesterday, one of our well wisher and admirer of Zyropathy came to my office. We some how managed to spend some time together inspite of heavy rush of patients.
He casually  happened to mention that Naresh Ji,  Why don’t you get Zyropathy registered?
I told him that I did this exercise few years back. I approached various agencies and I myself searched vehemently on Internet- the knowledge hub but could not locate a any agency which has the provision of registering a new health systems.
Allopathy,  Ayurveda, Homeopathy,  Unani, Siddha,  Naturopathy,  Acupuncture, Acupressure including the hundreds of other health systems have not been registered anywhere in the world. Like each one of you, I was also shocked when I learnt it. Isn’t it an unbelievable fact? Besides all this we handover ourselves and our loved ones to the mercy of these unregistered agencies without an iota of doubt, just because we believe that it can eliminate pain, agony and sufferings from the body. These systems of today, which seems trustworthy, have evolved over a prolonged period of time to their present stature.
Zyropathy is under evolution. In comparison to the existing and prevalent health systems, it is still in the conception stage. As people develop belief, the faith will rise with time. People will slowly adopt Zyropathy as is the case with all other health systems.
Zyropathy has helped more than sixty thousand people suffering with various disorders from different parts of the world in two and a half decades. More than three lakh copies of our book, “Healthy Living with Food Supplements” and our Health Journal, “Zyro” is under circulation in public. Six months back, we started a TV program on Care World Channel. Everyone, has found it very useful and beneficial. Recently we have launched a Zyropathy App, which can be downloaded on all Android phones and for others we have our website – www.zyropathy.com.
All this has been achieved single handedly. But, it seems that from here onwards Zyropathy needs external research and financial support in order to serve humanity across the globe ?.