Woman Womb

Major Female Hormone-Woman Womb

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I am a pinkish muscular pouch suspended by ligaments in the lower abdomen. Roughly the shape of a small pear, I weigh about 57 grams.I suppose I could be best described as a brood chamber, but that scarcely does me justice. For I can perform what may well be the supreme wonder of the universe: I nursemaid a barely visible cluster of a few cells until it becomes a complex of trillions of cells–a new human being.I am: your Woman Womb, a hollow, muscular organ in which a fertilized egg, called the zygote, becomes embedded and in which the egg is nourished and allowed to develop until birth. I lie in the pelvic cavity behind the bladder and in front of the bowel.

I usually tilt forward at a ninety degree angle to the vagina, although in about 20% of women, it tilts backwards.