weak bones treatment


My name is Suman Namdeo Bandgar. I am 75 years old. I am resident of Solapur in Maharashtra. I live with my husband, son, daughter-in-law and two grand children. My son and daughter-in-law both are in service. Therefore, I have to take care of the house as well as the grand children. I have been suffering from Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis since last four years.These four years were very painful in my life. I had severe pain in my knees and entire body. Sitting down and getting up from the floor was the most difficult part of my life. While walking, I had to bend and take support of a stick. After walking few steps, I got severe pain and sat down for some time.

Taking care of the house and grand children became very difficult. I showed it to the Orthopedic Doctor. They conducted bone density test. My bones were found to be weak. Doctor informed that I am suffering from “Osteoarthritis” and “Osteoporosis”. Bones are weak and the degenerative changes have been observed in the knee.

The Doctor prescribed medicines for both the problems. I took medicines for almost two years but I did not get any relief. My problems started increasing. I could not sit down and get up on my own. I needed someone’s support for getting up and sitting down. My son took me to Ayurvedic Doctors also. I took Ayurvedic treatment for almost a year but nothing improved. \

One day one of my son’s friends Gaurav came to our house. He saw my condition and suggested that I should try food supplements. Gaurav informed us that food supplements merely full fill the deficiency in our body and are very essential for healthy living. He also informed us about various other diseases related to deficiency of various vitamins and minerals.

For further information, he gave us a book titled, “Healthy Living with Food Supplements” written by Kamayani Naresh for reading only. This book was an eye opener. It changed my vision of 75 years of my life towards food supplements. It was real great information. I started taking food supplements myself.