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patient aged 66 years came to me yesterday. The patient developed breathing problem in Dec 2013. She was taken to one of the most renowned hospital for diagnosis and treatment. After a series of test and CT-Scan, a suspicious activity was observed in Right Lung. PETCT Scan and Biopsy was carried out and the diagnosis was confirmed as – Cancer of Lungs. But, the patient continued saying that she does not have cancer.

The treatment commenced in Jan 2014. The patient was given six cycles of Chemotherapy. Thereafter, PET CT-Scan was done. The suspicious activity in the lung continued to be same, as it was before administering Chemotherapy. Further treatment was stopped and the patient was kept under observation. Every three months comparative PET-CT Scan was done and the lesion/ suspicious activity were observed to be constant.

About three months back the lady developed a different problem of drooping eyelid in the left eye and frozen right shoulder. The eyelid closed completely and the patient could not lift it. The right shoulder mobility got restricted. The patient reported in the oncology department where she was treated earlier. The oncology referred it to Neurology department. After examining the patient, Neurology department said that this is not the problem of Neuro. The patient came back to Oncology. The oncology department carried out another PET CT-Scan and found no change in status of lesion/ suspicious activity in Right Lung.

After, few meetings with group of expert doctors, patient and the care taker of the patient, it was again decided to commence Chemotherapy with stronger medicine because it could be due to the existing lesion in the lungs. The lady was still not convinced and said that she does not have cancer and she does not want to take Chemotherapy. The caretaker of the family decided to take a second opinion from another renowned hospital in Delhi. The doctors advised to follow the treatment according to the suggestions given by the doctors of the erstwhile hospital. Left with no choice, the caretaker agreed for Chemotherapy. Three cycles of Chemotherapy has been completed. The suffering of the lady has increased many folds; she has developed acute pain in the region of the Right Lung along with severe burning sensation and restlessness all over the body. The lady is requesting everyone to stop Chemotherapy but the next date for fourth Letter from Editor…..! 4 Zyro WILL OF THE PATIENT IS A MUST Chemotherapy has been finalised. It has been decided by the doctors that the PET CT-Scan will be done after fourth Chemotherapy.

After listening to the complete story, I came to a conclusion that the patient was not suffering with Cancer when treatment commenced. There is no doubt that the patient developed problem of breathlessness because of the suspicious activity in the right lung but the immunity system of the body detected the anomaly and stopped it there itself. In the mean time patient got diagnosed with Cancer of Lungs. The Chemotherapy did not make any impact on the lesion because it was under the strong guard of immunity. The drooping eye lid and the frozen shoulder which developed later was the result of side effects of Chemotherapy administered earlier. Drooping eye lid is a Neuro problem and the Frozen Shoulder is due to Calcium depletion, Vitamin-D deficiency and damage to neurological control system which is the side effects of Chemotherapy. The ongoing Chemotherapy which is very harsh is acting against the body’s natural protection system. Now the immunity system of the body will get confused because of the ongoing treatment. It is like punishing a gentleman for no fault. The body’s immunity system is bound to retaliate and thereafter no one can save the patient.

I firmly believe that birth and death is pre-destined. No person on Earth- may it be any Doctor, Vaidya, Hakeem or myself – cannot either pre-pone or post-pone the birth and death of anyone by even a fraction of second. All we can do is to provide comfort in the sufferings of a patient, eliminate pain; agony and sufferings from the life of people by advising to the best of our knowledge and experience. Secondly, I also believe that any problem in the body can only be repaired by two things – The WILL POWER & THOUGHTS of the patient and the IMMUNITY SYSTEM. In the present case both the things exist but the treatment being administered is acting against the natural fundamentals. What-so-ever we give to a patient in the form of supplements or medicines, acts as a tool in the hands of immunity to fight back the problem. This patient will never die of cancer because the body has developed immunity against cancer. It is similar to vaccination. This is the only way cancer can be controlled or eliminated. In HealthWorks, through Zyropathy/Nutriopathy we endeavour to enhance immunity by using combination of food supplements.

I requested the patient and the caretaker of the patient to stop further Chemotherapy because it is against the WILL of the patient and use combinations of food supplements to normalize the unnatural act done on the body. Give all the ingredients required for optimum functioning of each and every cell. Let the immunity come back to its normal understanding and functioning ability.

I am very hopeful that if the Chemotherapy is stopped the patient will live the remaining life comfortably free of pain; agony and sufferings.