Uterus Infection


Category : Case Studies

I am Lalita Gulia. I am 40 years old. I live in Hari Vihar Dwarka New Delhi. Approximately 5-6 years ago I got uterus infection. My menstruation cycle did not come properly even in summer it was stopped completely.

There was severe pain in my leg which was increased in summer and was not tolerable. There was pain in side of my stomach which I was thinking as gastric pain. White water discharge and stomach pain was there since delivery. I felt weakness too.

I used to go to doctors and took medicines, got relieved for sometime but after sometime my condition were became same. Again I visited doctors again took medicines but I was not proper cured. Approximately 1.5 -2 years ago I was like same. I scared lot, most of the time I used to be in bed. My body became week day by day.

I have consulted to my cousin who is gynecologist in civil hospital sonipat. She suggested food supplement which seemed to me very costly. so I used to take one of them like iron, protein, multivitamin, calcium.

During that time I met Dr. Nain, he told me about Naresh ji. I met him in his house near chadakyapuri in 2011. I started taking supplements in exact dose as naresh ji told me with full confidence.

Slowly my stomach and leg pain were cured. I got relief in white discharge and uterus too. Two years treatment made my menstruation cycle normal. I am completely well. This summer I did not face any problem. I am very happy being free from any disease. I am really feeling good. I am still taking some supplements. I am giving some supplement to my children too.

Naresh ji told me uses and benefits of each supplements. I am impressed with his logical talks and I do believe them, because I was taking food supplements before too. I think if you know about food supplements and its uses its effect may be surprising.