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Commonwealth Games are coming to Asian country for the second time after 1998 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since its evolution around 80 years back. The event was first held in 1930 under the title of the British Empire Games. The event was renamed as the British Empire and Commonwealth Games in 1954, the British Commonwealth Games in 1970, and gained its current title in 1978. It’s all about the unlearning and moving forward. When I look at the grandness of such extravaganza, I remember that we the people of developing nations have not seen many such events in our life time. It’s an opportunity for all of us to cherish this great event but I feel that advantages can be achieved well only if we are ready to unlearn many things. It is most suitable ti me that we are talking about few basic needs where unlearning has to take place. Three needs have been covered in last article. Now you will read about four more basic needs i.e. family structure, life expectancy, Medical & Healthcare and education in the third part of this article.

Family Structure:

The family set-up has to be restructured to harness the benefits of growth. All educated and independent people from the developed world or even the developing world have adopted new family set-ups quietly, NFP-family-image-300x241for betterment. The poor and backward people have remained way behind with the burden of their social structure. Even the educated, at ti mes, have not been able to digest new changes. Women, constituting fifty per cent of the population have remained Sabha MP or helping to grow neem in India. The real story of Jaya Bahaduri remains highly demoralizing for an intelligent community. The product of such inevitable suppression even at such a high level of society forces us to live in a traumati zed environment. When we talk about equality amongst girls and boys, we must be clear in our approach and understanding. We must be rati onal in our expectations. We need to respect our youth. Can we call it a civilized society where girls are not treated humanely? They are killed in the womb. They are not given educati on. They are not even allowed to grow old enough to bloom. They are married off before that. This is happening in all the poor and lower middle class families. The way the girl-child is treated in urban areas in Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa and other underdeveloped states is an agony to the educated person. Child marriage and sati , especially in Rajasthan, are the curse of civilized society. The oppressions and suppressions of the girl-child in the Muslim community is a shame for all educated and emotional people of this era. The brothers and sisters in a joint family structure spend their lives in fighting rather than progressing. The concept of joint family is not serving purpose; it has to go, for the self respect and growth of every individual. We have seen so many sas-bahu stories, where anyone will agree I am not wrong if I claim the system is a total failure. We must unlearn old concepts and try to live independently with dignity. Independent living will ensure better output and fruitful living for every individual of the family. We need to unlearn fast the benefits of a joint family structure for the growth of individuals and society. Even Swami Ramdev had to leave his relatives and village at the age of thirteen for his own individual growth.

Life Expectancy:

Life expectancy has changed. People used to retire at the age of fiftlife-expectancyy-eight or sixty. They would be too exhausted to do any constructive work aft er that. But now with better living conditions, things are changing. Life expectancy has increased. A whole new life starts aft er retirement. People start making plans during their service life. The changes, which have taken place in the last few decades, have forced people to rethink their retirement plans. They are coming up with more constructive and fruitful retirement plans. They have to think a little more purposefully.As life expectancy increases to more than sixty or seventy years, a person has to plan for work aft er retirement. Various work options are available. Plenty of opportunities are available. A lot more needs to be planned. The old concepts have to be unlearned in order to learn the meaning of a better life. In the absence of unlearning, people aft er retirement generally go back to their traditional forefather’s occupations for which they in their heyday never thought of learning. They must have learned these skills just from their acquaintance with their fathers or forefathers. These ideas of going back to old traditional professions have to be changed, especially for the benefit of middle or lower income group people. Because of this resistance in unlearning, the caste system continues to prevail,ensuring poverty and discrimination. A schedule caste person remains a schedule caste person for generations, farmer remains a farmer for generations, a carpenter remains a carpenter for generations, etc. The unlearning of the age-old ethos and professions are the biggest challenge today.

Medical and Healthcare:

The kind of Medical facilities available today are excellent. A whole lot of new medical infrastructures have emerged. Earlier people had different diseases. They suffered from many illnesses compared to

what they are facing now. Over and above the diseases are now more manageable. There are many facilities that have been made available in the last few decades; there is an urgent need to change the concept of getting treatment. The vaccines which have been developed and utilized by the people of this generation are unimaginable. There was a ti me when people used to believe in the words of quacks, sadhus or sanyasis. With wide communication and easily available information, people must exploit their ingenuity to attain correct knowledge and information for medical care. They must learn good things only from Ramdev who teaches yoga on a television channel, to keep a sound and healthy body and ignore the wrong things. The people have yoga at their disposal. They must devote sometime in the morning and evening to practice yoga, to exploit its usefulness. Yoga is available free of cost. There is no price for a good, sound health. There is no secret about your breathing power. There is no surprise in your inherent energy.

If we combine the increase in world population and output per person, we find that total economic
activity in the world (the gross world product, or GWP) rose an astounding forty-nine ti mes during the past 180 years. The global population rose more than six fold in the last two centuries, reaching an alarming 6.1 billion; the world’s average per capital income rose even faster, increasing by around nine ti mes. In the years to come, it is a confirmed fact that the increase in population will not be a problem, but certainly the population needs to be in good health. A healthy population is the responsibility and need of a civilized society. These facts have to be understood. People must exploit all facilities from government hospitals and be responsive to their schemes. They must unlearn old thinking of going only to private clinics for their medical requirements; they should harness the benefits of good governance. They must unlearn not to depend on government hospitals.


“I have never allowed my schooling to interfere with my education”, said Mark Twain, commenting on the lack of fun in learning in schools.Today with all the multimedia skill sets, you need a different kind of education. Life is fun and education must be focused on enhancing fun, rather than making school and education a place of torture. The depth of study of every subject has increased tremendously. You cannot go on learning endlessly to enhance your capabilities for a better life. There is no limit to the information and knowledge you can acquire. You need to get education to have a good and enjoyable life. Schooling is becoming a thing of the past. Now-a-days, people are forced to talk about unschooling. The educated and learned parents are not concentrating on course, syllabus or school. They are concentrating on other extracurricular activities. School children need not go to a library to search for books all the time. Sitting comfortably at one place in their homes, cafes or even a shopping mall, they can access complete lists of libraries at just one click of the mouse. And whole set of encyclopedias are available at a much cheaper price. It is not necessary to spend Rs. 40,000 to 50,000 to have the Encyclopedia Britannica. At a cost of about Rs. 1000 the original Britannica can be on display. Internet and other media have made knowledge accessible at their finger-tips at a much lower cost. Today’s children are just to be provided with a PC and an Internet connection. With the help of Google, Facebook and tweet, they will get what is required for today world. Education must not thrive for yesterday expectations but meet today demands.

In subsequent articles, you will read details about other human needs before you read about the Seven Critical Factors (SCF). Enjoy Commonwealth Games 2010 and have great unlearning!!