The hidden killer in your junk food-Transfat

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The very thought of French fries, aloo tikkis and samosa’s are bound to tickle the taste buds of any Indian. But have you ever wondered the kind of oil that is used to cook these mouth-watering items? In all likelihood the oil that is used contains a high amount of harmful fat called transfat. Besides, using oil containing high amount of transfat, the same oil is used in continuance by adding additional quantity in the used oil. This further enhances the concentration of transfats. The scientists have declared that the transfats are as bad as smoking. Thefore, the scientists have been demanding regulations for limiting the use of transfats in the food items. Though small amounts of transfats are naturally present in dairy foods and animal products but the most common source of artificial transfat is vanaspati, which has 40 per cent transfat. Most of the food manufacturers frequently use vanaspati oil because it is a cheap substitute for ghee; can be preserved longer and gives food items such as tikki a solid shape and texture.