Do Not Cry Over Spilt Milk

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“Didi you give me those tablets which you gave me before, I only know what had happened to me aft er taking one course of the tablets.”

These were the words which will echo my head ti ll I am alive and will be feeling guilty ti ll my last breath.

My sister was 44 years old, suffering from severe headache, vomiting and hair fall. Finally, she was diagnosed as a brain tumor patient and was operated for the same. In the bargain she lost her vision from both the eyes and hemiplegia right side.

I was working as nursing officer (Lt Col) in military hospital, incidentally with cancer patients only. I was experiencing everyday that patients are dying with Chemotherapy and Radiation. I could gather the feel that there is no treatment for cancer until and unless our body is really ready to take those heavy medicines, injections, chemotherapy and radiation. Chemotherapy is given to the patients in the form of steps. It is like electric current is introduced to your body testing your limitation for 1 minute, then increased for 2 minutes and 3 minutes and so on. But one stage comes where the white blood cells of the body counts very less and you are prone to get any infection form any direction. Oh God! That fortune to the patient, I can not explain.

When my own sister, my sibling suffers the same, I could not take it. It was better to leave her for death then undergoing that all. She was undergoing treatment (Radiations) at PGI Chandigarh. I went to see her there. Seeing her health and mental state, I was surprised and broken totally. She had no appetite, was looking dehydrated and lips were dry. She was vomiting and had no strength to talk even. She had taken only 2 shots of radiations. I could not see her more and just went out and contacted Mishra Ji (Naresh Mishra) our family friend. He gave me a ray of hope and advised one course of supplement, which I explained to her son. He really gave her those and it was for my sheer surprise that when I met her aft er 2 months, she was totally fresh energetic and really hopeful towards life and she took 28 shots of radiaton in one go. CT scan of the brain shows dry wound which was a very good sign.

But, it was her fate that her husband who was to look after her for 24 hours was not ready to co-operate with those supplements. May be some ego or misconception in some people, that why should we use and believe in the medicines/supplements which are produced by a foreign company. He better tried with Bapu Aasa Ramji medicines. I failed to make him understand that these are not medicines but these are supplements which rejuvenate the cells, and Mishra Ji is not a doctor or a simple person but he has been blessed with some ‘Power’.

At last my sister left us on 29 Nov 2009, last words telling me “Didi please give me those medicines, you stay with me and make me eat those medicines. Do not trust my husband, I know he does not give me that”.

“Whoever reads it, please take it seriously and look after your cells given to you by the God”.

Please understand that when we are sick, we are called diseased. Do you understand what disease means. It means DIS—EASE (Discomfort in ease) why don’t we make our cells strong to hold the stress and strain of today life.

“Special thanks to Kamayani Naresh who has been blessed by the God to treat and nurture the health. God sends some special people to look aft er his creations because HE can not be present everywhere.

Ltd Col (Retd)