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My name is Hari Singh. I am 74 years old and I am a resident of Mandala Distt. in Madhya Pradesh. About 20 years back, I used to get attacks of Urticaria (òÑðÃÃð) on the entire body with severe itching.

Being an ex-serviceman, I showed myself in many military hospitals, civil hospitals and Ayurvedic Hospitals/ clinics. I felt alright till I took medicines regularly but I got severe itching if I missed it even for two days.

One of the doctors suggested that I should take one Avil-50 every day. I did the same. As problem increased with time, I started taking two and then four tablets a day. Slowly a stage came, when I had to take 10 to 15 tablets in 24 hours to keep itching under control.

My blood became black and as a result my entire skin became black. I felt that my entire skin got covered with black sand like granules. I scratched my hands and legs with knives and blades while taking bath. I took almost 3 to 4 hours to complete bathing. I was fed up with life and had decided to commit suicide.