Yesterday Kuldeep came to our office after a long time. Earlier Kuldeep worked with us in Zyropathy. Then he got selected for Government job so he joined there. He was very happy with the ongoing developments in Zyropathy. We discussed on various issues. Later he told me about the health issues of his mother-in-law. He further informed me that his mother-in-law got admitted many times since last one year. I advised him to get some tests done and then show her up to me.

Meanwhile he inquired about steroids and it’s effects on human body.

Steroid is a chemical which disturbs the hormonal balance in the body. Brain controls the body organs with hormones. The hormonal disturbance caused due to steroids adversely affects the functioning of the body organs. The brain gets confused in case steroid is used for prolonged duration and slowly stops controling the functions of those organs. The organs start acting independently once the brain leaves the control. Some organs become over active and some become sluggish.

After listening this Kuldeep remained stunned for some time. Then he further told me that the Gymnasiums around his village (inside Delhi) are offering a special package of steroids to the youth in Rs.25,000/- for muscle & body building without much physical exercise within six weeks. There is huge rush in these Gymnasiums. The youth is being misguided. In the beginning it looks good but as the organs start failing there is no place to go. Two of them are suffering with kidney failure and three with heart enlargement. Even after all this the rush in gymnasiums continues to increase.

This is more dangerous than drugs. There is possibility of correcting a person who takes drugs but it is nearly impossible to repair kidney and heart. This means steroids are much more dangerous than drugs. So the question arises that the drugs are contraband then why not steroids?

It is quite evident that the greed of easy and quick money by gymnasiums will damage the kidney and heart of thousands of youth before the Government makes rules and regulations in this regard.

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