Healthy Living with Food Supplements

Zyropathy in Second Generation

Few days ago, I received a call from an elderly woman. She informed me that her daughter is pregnant and she wanted to consult whether she can start the supplements, mentioned in my book, “Healthy Living with Food Supplements”. I replied, your daughter should have started as she planned for a baby and she must continue during the lactation period as well.
During our conversation, what she revealed further, brought mixed emotions in me. She said that she cured her arthritis with the combination of food supplements written in my  book few years ago. Further, she reminded me that she had consulted me regarding her grandson who had slow growth of his genetal organ during his early teens.
She was very excited to inform that now he is 6 feet tall in his late teens with no abnormalities in the subject case. Here she was more than pleased to seek advice from the new health system called “Zyropathy”. She also said that she gifted this book to many ailing people and advised them to follow Zyropathy . Some of them visited me on different occasions as well, but I failed to remember them.
She was cementing my belief which I conceived at the time of writing this book, some two decades back. “Everyone should posses knowledge about the right combination of food supplements to treat oneself.”
This reminded me of my recent statement that, Zyropathy has grown above me and I am just duty bound to serve humanity under Zyropathy.
As part of my duty, I have just launched Zyropathy App which can be easily downloaded from Google play store. Those of you, who have downloaded it and  found it user friendly and useful. I request everyone to follow the suit, it is really wonderful.