Cancer of Gallbladder, Liver and Lymph Node

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I remember, Ravish came to meet me alongwith his brother-in-law. Both were very upset and they informed me  about the health state of Archana (sister of Ravish). They informed me that Archana was suffering with cancer of Gallbladder, Liver and Lymph Node, according to the doctors at All India Insti tute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). She had been operated upon and the Gallbladder, Liver and Lymph Node had been sent for biopsy. They also informed me that according to the views of doctors of Gastro Intesti nal Department, Archana would survive only for 3 months, whereas the doctors in the Oncology Department suggested that if Archana could sustain 6 Chemotherapies then her life would get extended to 1 year.

They had many questi ons – Can Archana be cured? Have I solved similar cases earlier? etc…… I assured them not to worry, Archana will get completely cured. But, they will have to start food supplements immediately and some of the food supplements will have to conti nue for 5 to 6 years in ‘Preventi ve Role’ and some of the food supplements she may have to take life long under ‘Maintenance Role’, in order to rule out the possibility of relapse later in life. I informed them about the supporti ve role of food supplements in treatment of cancer and recommended following
supplements –

1) Protein Powder – 02 Scoop per day
2) Multi vitamin – 02 per day
3) Vitamin-C – 04 per day
4) Vitamin-B Complex – 04 per day
5) Vitamin-E with selenium – 02 per day
6) Omega-3 – 02 per day
7) Calcium-Magnesium – 02 per day
8) Iron Folic – 02 per day

Next day itself, they started giving all the supplements because Ravish was already aware about the usage of food supplements. Thereaft er, the chemotherapy of Archana started. Archana had the least trouble with regard to the side eff ects of chemotherapy, like heavy hair loss, discolourati on of skin, excessive weight loss, excessive loss of energy etc. According to the CT Scan report of 4 Jun 2010, Archna is completely healthy and now she is required to come for checkups every 2 to 3 months.

Aft er reading the details of Archana’s case, everyone must be clear in mind that if the food supplements are started before the commencement of Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy for cancer treatment, then a person can sustain complete cycles of Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy without severe side eff ects of these therapies. This may result in treatment/control of a dreaded disease like cancer. In additi on, by using food supplements a person can avoid re-lapse of cancer and can lead a normal life.

Recognizing the enormous benefi ts of food supplements, Archana’s family decided to conti nue with the supplements for her. We hope that the family members of Archana will understand the special conditi on of Archana as a cancer pati ent and will provide her food supplements in the “preventi ve” as well as in the ‘Maintenance” phase, so that she
can lead a healthy and happy life.