fruit of the angels


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Papaya is called “fruit of the angels” because of its heavenly taste and enormous health benefits. Not only papaya is beautiful, fragrant and luscious, it is amazingly healthful. This glorious fruit is available all year-round.Aripe papaya can be as long as twenty inches, but most commercially grown fruits are pear-shaped, about seven inches in length and about a pound in weight. It is high in bromelain,which makes it beneficial in ways similar to pineapple.Since it loses nutrient strength as it ripens, papaya is best if purchased mostly ripe and eaten by the next day. Purchase fruit that is orangeyred in color and just a little soft to touch. Fruits that have yellow patches are less ripe and will take a few days at home to become their best.The seeds of a papaya are small, round and black in color. Although Papaya”A Powerhouse of Nutrients” “A Fruit of the Angels” they are edible, they have a bitter, peppery flavor that few people seem to find enjoyable.Papaya tree It is a tree like plant with a green or purple stem. The leaves emerge from the upper part of the stem. The lower trunk is the where fruits were born and it is 16-33 ft tall and the upper part of the stem can reach 105cm in length. The flowers are similar to plumaria but smaller in size. It is a short lived and fast growing plant.