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Orange That Called Citrus Fruit

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Orange are citrus fruits, and sometimes it may confuse you with other citraceae fruits like tangerines or grapefruits etc. Though the shape and color of latters differs from orange. Oranges are orange colored and oval to sphere-shaped fruits with a leathery and porous skin. Their color may vary from light orange to red-orange. Oranges are a precious gift of nature, laden with unlimited nutrients and vitamins. United States leads in the production of this admired fruit. Oranges have unlimited health benefits.

Health benefits of Orange As orange has plenty of vitamins and antioxidants, it has been the best cure for bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, arthritis, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Its use in large quantity can reduce runny nose. In breakfast a glass of orange juice works miraculously.

Vitamin C As we know oranges are rich in Vitamin C, an essential vitamin for tissue growth, bones and cartilage repair, development of collagen, maintenance of teeth etc. According to the study of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a medium orange contains more than 140 percent of the recommended dose of Vitamin C. Since our body is not capable of producing vitamin C itself, it is important to have fruits, veggies and foodies containing vitamin C.

Low Calorie and Fat: An averages size orange contains a meager 70 calories without any calory. So what thinking guys? It’s the best option to lose weight. Though it’s mostly used as juices, but it’s pulp is also more beneficial. It contains nearly 3 grams of dietary fiber andcontains 12 grams of sugar. The sugar in orange is released over a period of time, plummeting quick rises in blood glucose levels.