Acute Chronic Cerivicitis & Endocervical Tumor

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Sita JaiswalMy name is Sita Jaiswal and I am aged 30 years. I am a resident of Pratapgarh (Uttar Pradesh). Since last two years, I was suffering from severe infection in cervix with tumor inside. I met Dr. Khandewal in Pratapgarh. She advised me to immediately remove the uterus otherwise; I may get into serious trouble. I requested doctor to try some medicine and give us some time to think. She gave me very strong medication which resulted in formation of kidney stone. I did not get any relief from the medicine instead got another problem as side effect of medication. After this I went to Varanasi and I met Dr. Khanna. In the meantime, I started getting blood from the cervix. I continued her treatment for almost 18 months. I spend huge money but there was no relief in my problems, instead the problems kept on increasing. After that we went to Dr. Agrawal, Vatsalya Hospital in Allahabad. She suggested removal of Uterus through surgery, else it might become cancerous. She gave me three injections – First Month, Second Month and Fourth Month for cancer but my problem kept on increasing. Then Reeta Jaiswal my didi who lives in Varanasi, told me about Kamayani Naresh Ji and their treatment through Zyropathy. She said that once you get tired and fed up from every place then you can meet Kamayani Naresh Ji. I had already completed two years under treatment from various doctors without any relief. I was very disappointed, so I requested Reeta Jaiswal Ji to arrange my appointment with Kasmayani Naresh Ji. At that time Kamayani Naresh Ji was in Patna, Bihar. I immediately went to Patna along with my brother-in-law – Mr. Manoj Jaiswal. After examining all my reports and listening to my complete story, Kamayani Naresh Ji advisedthat I do not require any surgery. He further said that you will be alright; just
take recommended food supplements regularly. The supplements recommended
by Naresh Ji were –

  • Vitamin-B – 2-0-2
  • Fiber – 1-0-1
  • Multivitamin – 2-2-2
  • Vitamin-E – 1-1-1
  • l Vitamin-C – 4-4-4
  • Omega-3 – 1-0-1
  • Calcium – 2-0-2
  • Garlic – 2-2-2
  • Echinacea – 3-0-3
  • Protein Powder – 1-0-1

I started feeling better within a month of taking supplements. I was completely cured within eight months. Now, I am in perfect health. My kidney stone issue and infection in uterus is completely resoled. I and my entire family is very happy and satisfied. I would like to convey my gratitude to my didi Reeta Jaiswal Ji and my brother-in-law Mr. Manoj Jaiswal Ji, who facilitated my appointment with Kamayani Naresh Ji. I have no words to thank and appreciate Kamayani Naresh Ji, because the work what they are doing presently, can only be done by God! I pray God! that Kamayani Naresh Ji and their family live in happiness forever.

Sita Jaiswal