Brain Tumor


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My name is Vandana and I live in Kalka Ji, New Delhi. He suffered from typhoid, when he was 7-8 years old and later on doctors declared that Sumit is suff ering from T.B (Tuberculosis) As the medication for both diseases was on, the doctors further declared that he is also suffering from Brain Tumor.

Th e treatment for the Brain Tumor continued with medicines for almost two years. But the tumor kept on increasing and there was no eff ect of medicine. Th us, doctors advised surgery but they were not certain about the results.

Sumit was fi nally operated in Jan 2006. His medication continued for more than a year but seizures did not stop. Besides increase in dosage of medicine for seizures, no relief could be seen till 2009. Th e intensity & frequency of seizures kept on increasing. Th e doctors suggested that Sumit will have to take medicine for epilepsy through out life.

Th is was intolerable. Th en I came across Mr. Haider Imam, who told us about Kamayani Naresh. I fi xed up my appointment with Naresh Ji on phone. I showed all reports of Sumit to Naresh Ji. He recommended following supplements –