Kindly read and implement in your family to ensure healthy family and healthy nation.This article is courtesy Mr. Sandesh Sakharkhande, from Pune. He runs many gymnasiums and is associated with Health for last 30 years.”Nareshji, exactly similar to steroids, another biggest threat today’s younger generation facing is sugar.

The high amount of direct & indirect sugars being consumed by an average Indian because of traditional & conventional high grain diet, along with sweets is resulting in relatively raised insulin levels and in many cases making the person resistant to normal insulin levels.

Since insulin is the most important metabolic hormone, insulin resistance is further responsible for developing most of the degenerative disorders like arthritis, diabetes including cancer.

The worst part is; because of lack of education, unlike steroids, all of us are introduced to various kinds of sugars much earlier in our life since childhood by elderly people in our own family who always care for us – Mr Sandesh Sakharkhande, Pune.”

Kindly avoid sugar to ensure sweetness in Life.

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