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You worry about me more than any other organ in your body. You think that I am terribly important. Actually I am mostly just a convenience – a food reservoir that permits you to get three meals a day, instead of the half dozen or more you would need without me. So far as digestion is concerned, the small intestine is the real champ. I am your stomach. I work on protein, breaking it down into polypeptides but even here the final job is done by the intestine, which also takes care of carbohydrates, fats and other foods.I am glossy pink outside. Inside, I look like folds of shiny velvet. Tucked up in the abdomen at the lower rib line, I resemble a deflated balloon when I am empty. When I am full, I slant across the body, big at top, small at bottom, shaped like a bulbous letter ‘J’. My capacity is a little less than two Stomach liters, however a big dog can hold three  times as much.

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