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Causes: Stomach gas is mainly formed because of air swallowed when eating, by bacteria which cause the putrefaction of foods not digested, or by the chemical reaction produced by some food in the stomach and intestines.

  • Some of the products which commonly cause lot of gas are: refined sugars which, if not assimilated, quickly ferment and produce gas, refined flour, fried dishes, and some vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli and zucchini. These cause gas when they are combined with other foods. Also some grains like beans have this effect.
  • Milk and dairy products cause gas and indigestion in many people who do not produce an enzyme called lactase which is necessary in the absorption of these products. Fruits such as apples produce gas in some people when they are combined with other foods. Often the combination of different types of fruits is what causes gas. Fruit must be eaten alone half an hour before any other food.

SymptomsNumbness, stomach and abdomen discomfort, the need to expel gas.


Walking or exercising a little after meals is recommended to aid in digestion. It is also recommended to drink some Green Tea (with anti-oxidants) which is excellent product for digestion.

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