Healthy Papaya

Some More Benifites of Healthy Papaya

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  • Healthy Papaya contains high amount of potassium and the flesh of papaya is very high in Vitamin A.
  • papaya seeds and leaves are useful in treating intestinal worms found in the body. ?
  • Papaya helps prevent constipation and also aid in digestion. Papaya contains the protein called papain which is a digestive enzyme that helps in natural digestion process.
  • Papaya juice helps in allevaiating infections of the colon by clearing away the infection, pus and mucus. Regular consumption will help in improving the problem. ??
  • The skin papaya is excellent for treating skin wounds and places that do not heal quickly.
  • Papaya is low calories and high in natritive value hence it is an excellent food for those on a diet.
  • Regularly consuming papaya helps to realive morning sickness and nausea.

!! Healthy Papaya salad !!

Papaya can be used in different ways and the easiest way to eat is “eat as it is”. After cleaning the fruit cut it length wise and take the seeds out and eat it with a spoon. For some extra taste you can add lime juice on the top. However the following recipe can also do wonders:


  • 2 cups Papaya, 1 cup cabbage
  • Sugar 2 teaspoon, 2 Tsp Sauce
  • 2 teaspoons lime juice
  • Chopped chilies as per your wish
  • 2 small tomatoes

How to prepare:

  • In a plate keep the cabbage and papaya
  • Take a small bowl and mix sugar, sauce, lime and chilies
  • Garnish the tomatoes and decorate the salad as you like


  • Papayas have medicinal properties and used to treat several diseases and symptoms.
  • It is used to remove digestive problem.
  • Used as a folk medicine to remove pain.
  • Leaves are used as a protective properties
  • against malaria.
  • Protection against diabetic heart
  • disease and cholesterol.
  • Protection for arthritis.
  • Prevents cancer
  • Reduces weight

All the parts of the papaya fruit are useful and beneficial.Right from seeds to the papaya leaves and the flesh of the fruit,all of it has some value.Both the inside and the outside of the fruit can be utilized. Thus no part of the fruit is useless or goes as a waste

Thus, you should eat papaya, it is great because along with savoring the taste you are also ingesting all the benefits associated with eating fruits,which will result in good health for you !

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