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Snoring: is the action of making a strong noise with the throat while sleeping.
Causes: Colds, tonsillitis, smoking, chronic sinus condition, polyps and over weight. When the tissue on the upper rear part of the throat (vocal cords) gets relaxed while sleeping and one breathes, this tissue vibrates like a musical wind instrument, thus producing snoring.Suggestion:

Sleeping on one side helps because snoring normally occurs when one sleeps on one’s back.

    • Diet is important. It has been found that people who snore are over weight, in 20% of men and 30% of women. Get on a diet and lose weight until you weigh what you should and it is almost guaranteed that this problem will disappear. (See obesity).
    • People who smoke and drink liquor before going to bed as well as those that take sleeping pills usually snore. Try to eliminate these bad habits!
    • Raise the head of your bed so that the body is slightly inclined because this helps eliminate snoring.
  • Many times snoring is caused because the nose is obstructed. A great remedy for this is to apply 2 drops of eucalyptus oil on the pillow.
  • Another remedy is to gargle before going to bed with 3-4 drops of garlic extract; this product is a great astringent and antiseptic. It will help tighten and clean the membranes that vibrate on the upper part of the throat; as well as eliminate any infection.

As an ultimate alternative there is a simple surgery performed on the vocal cords with a laser beam which totally eliminates this problem. See a specialist.

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