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Sciatica is a pain which starts in the lower back and runs along the sciatic nerve through one or both legs. It is the longest nerve in the body.
Symptoms:  A shooting pain or spasm in the lower back and along the sciatic nerve that runs from the hip through the thigh to the ankle.The causes are: Trauma, hernia, a ruptured or slipped disc in the lumbar vertebrae- 3, 4 & 5 and the coccyx (at the base of the spinal column). The inflammation of the nerve is called neuritis.Suggestion:

Rest and applications of hot water and later cold (ice) on the lower back and on the leg.

  • Rest
  • Stretching. Sit on a bed or chair. Carefully lower your head towards your knees 15 to 20 times, using your hands to help you straighten up. (See these exercises in more detail in the section Spinal Column).
  • In addition, take vitamins B1, B12 & E.

Attention! You should see a licensed chiropractor since the problem could be with your vertebral column.

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